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Will Snapchat make it past 2018?

Hello my field daisies! I spent New Year’s Eve dancing at a bar in Santa Monica. When the countdown hit, the DJ told everyone to pull out their phones, and what did I see on everyone’s phones, myself included? Snapchat’s homescreen and everyone’s thumb on the record button. This not only happened at New Year’s. […]

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Technology, YouTube

SnapChat Replaces Texting

Hello my field daisies!   Snapchat has become the new form of texting. At least that’s the case for me and my friends. Sending snaps is a great way to keep in touch without all the hassle of texting. Yes I said it! Texting can be a hassle sometimes. Say for instance you want to […]

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Social Media: the New Answering Machine

Hello my field daisies! As you know I am a lover of poetry, and today I thought I would share a poem with you guys that might give some food for thought. If you aren’t into poetry, stay and read anyway. I’ll be making a Breaking Bad reference. The Answering Machine  By Linda Pastan I […]

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