Why I Don’t Watch Movies

Hello my field daisies! When you meet someone new, it’s almost inevitable one or more of the following questions come up: what’s your favorite movie of all time? Favorite TV show? Or just plain what do you like to watch? What content one consumes on the screens has become a sort of cultural capital and […]

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Social Media

Will Snapchat make it past 2018?

Hello my field daisies! I spent New Year’s Eve dancing at a bar in Santa Monica. When the countdown hit, the DJ told everyone to pull out their phones, and what did I see on everyone’s phones, myself included? Snapchat’s homescreen and everyone’s thumb on the record button. This not only happened at New Year’s. […]

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VR Black Friday Deals and Two New Innovations

Hello my field daisies! Today I feel like talking about Virtual Reality. Usually I would do so on #TechThursdays, and I would do #LazySaturdaze where I would post a lot of fun gifs, but since Thanksgiving was Thursday, my schedule is a little off. Also I didn’t post Friday because Friday is #MyDay, and I […]

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My Life Stories

#ThankfulThursday: Some Things I’m Thankful For

Hello my field daisies! Gonna make this post quick, so I can go back to enjoying Thanksgiving 🙂 I am thankful for my family. Gotta get that one right off the bat. This seems like a duh one, but truly I am so thankful for everything my parents have done for me. My mother always […]

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“A Physics” by Heather McHugh Poem Analysis

Hello my field daisies! Today I wanted to talk about one of my absolute favorite poems, A Physics by Heather McHugh. To be honest, I actually analyzed this back in 2012 but was too embarrassed to post it anywhere. This was before I had my blog, and if I could tell my 17 year old self anything, […]

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Music, YouTube

3 Covers of “This Town” by Niall Horan

Hello my field daisies! Niall Horan from One Direction is branching out with his own song, “This Town,” an acoustic single about his lingering love for a woman who has moved on to someone new. Here are 3 YouTube covers that I feel do the song justice. So if you are tired of hearing “This […]

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Anja Rubik and Female Sensuality

Hello my field daisies! Today starts a new chapter for Daisyish Days. One, I plan on writing every day (we’ll see how that goes) and two I am transitioning from being a fashion blogger to more of a fashion and media news blog, something such as Man Repeller but mixed with my other interests such as […]

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Music, My Life Stories

Happy Birthday Lorde!

Hello my field daisies!   Yes I know this is slightly belated, but it is still 11:00pm in LA, so I still have time! I wanted to do a quick Music Monday and shoutout to my Queen, Ella, otherwise known as Lorde. I wrote about her back in 2013 and attended her concert at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater […]

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When You Are Sitting in Coach on a Delta flight

Hello my field daisies! I know I have skipped a few days of posting, and I will probably be pretty busy next week since it’s my boyfriend’s birthday week… So to satisfy your appetite, here is a little poem I wrote 4 years ago on 9/28/12. I felt like it was appropriate with the election […]

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Fashion, My Life Stories, Travel

Cat The Drawl (Get it? Cathedral?)

Hello my field daisies! Another rapid fire post coming your way. I know the debate is going on right now, and I am a terrible citizen for not watching. But whatever. Look I promise I’ll keep up with the presidential campaign next time around. It’s just that I can’t stand to see them rip each […]

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Fashion, Travel

Love on the Boardwalk

Hello my field daisies! Yesterday I wrote a pretty long winded post, so today will be a short snack bite piece. Here are some pictures from the time Amanda and I was in San Francisco. Yes, these photos were from last summer, but I haven’t done a photoshoot in a while, so we’re using old […]

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