VR Black Friday Deals and Two New Innovations

Hello my field daisies! Today I feel like talking about Virtual Reality. Usually I would do so on #TechThursdays, and I would do #LazySaturdaze where I would post a lot of fun gifs, but since Thanksgiving was Thursday, my schedule is a little off. Also I didn’t post Friday because Friday is #MyDay, and I […]

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Heir Apparent and the Future of Virtual Reality

Hello my field daisies! My yoga instructor, Tony Mar, has taught me a lot of things, one of which is the joy of revisiting your favorite things. Whether it be your favorite yoga pose, movie, song, novel, etcetera,  you always gain something new from redoing, rewatching, relistening and rereading. With that in mind, I decided […]

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SnapChat Replaces Texting

Hello my field daisies!   Snapchat has become the new form of texting. At least that’s the case for me and my friends. Sending snaps is a great way to keep in touch without all the hassle of texting. Yes I said it! Texting can be a hassle sometimes. Say for instance you want to […]

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