Why I Don’t Watch Movies

Hello my field daisies!

When you meet someone new, it’s almost inevitable one or more of the following questions come up: what’s your favorite movie of all time? Favorite TV show? Or just plain what do you like to watch? What content one consumes on the screens has become a sort of cultural capital and a gauge to see how compatible you are to someone. Through my various new encounters, I’ve come to realize I’m a TV nerd, not a movie buff.

I gawk at getting asked what’s my favorite movie because honestly I don’t watch movies.

Now it’s not that I refuse to watch movies. I watch plenty of movies with other people. But when I’m alone, I gravitate toward TV shows. If I was given a choice to choose one format over the other, it would most definitely be television.

I can’t put my finger on why I like TV more than film.

A part of me thinks it’s because I love following a cast of characters across seasons and seasons of debauchery. It’s familiar. It feels like home. I can’t get invested in the characters of a movie. I feel like I’m not with them long enough. Even if there are sequels, I just don’t get hooked.

But it’s not just that because I love Black Mirror, and the cast and storyline changes each episode.


I think I just don’t like the cinematic format, how long and drawn out it feels. My attention span can only handle things that are an hour or less.

Now I know people who are the complete opposite of me. My brother loves movies. He’s the kind of person that watches every movie and has dvds of his favorites.

Not me. I’m the kind of person that will solely watch reruns of HIMYM for months and wait endlessly for the latest Rick and Morty episode.

Anyway what kind of person are you? TV or Movies? Or maybe you’re one of those weirdos who does both?

Or maybe it’s normal to like both and choosing one over the other is weird…

Regardless I want to share my favorite TV shows, but instead of just a list of names, here’s a list of gifs instead.

Some of My Favorite TV Shows

(In no particular order)







Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!


Daisy Dai

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