Anja Rubik and Female Sensuality

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Today starts a new chapter for Daisyish Days. One, I plan on writing every day (we’ll see how that goes) and two I am transitioning from being a fashion blogger to more of a fashion and media news blog, something such as Man Repeller but mixed with my other interests such as music, poetry, technology and YouTube.

“Everyone ought to feel comfortable with their body and know that you can feel sensual and there is nothing wrong with that.” Vogue Sept. 2015 Interview: “Anja Rubik Never Wants to Get Too Comfortable”

View full photoshoot of her latest Saint Laurent campaign here

Today’s #ModelMonday begins with Anja Rubik, a Polish model that began her start around the 2000s while she was still attending a British high school in Paris. After finishing school, she became one of the top model icons of our generation.

So when did I first see her? I believe it was when I was flipping through my mother’s Vogue magazine where she starred in a Chloé Perfume ad in 2010.


PC: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin 

I never recognized her as Anja Rubik. In fact, I didn’t know the photographers until I looked them up last night! Back then my Google search skills really weren’t up to par, and neither was Google for the matter. They didn’t begin their reverse image searching functionality until 2011, where you can upload an image or url and find multiples of that photo, which really helps when trying to find more info about a photo.  But as you can see, Anja already expresses female sexuality in a way that appeals to women. Even though she is topless, the softness of her pose and the slight angle of her body makes her look sensual, not pornographic.

In an interview she did with Vogue back in 2015, she comments on her latest issue of magazine/coffee table book, 25. This latest version is focused on “female-centric, sex-positive exploration of fashion and art, intend(ing) to provide a refreshing alternative to erotica’s male gaze” (Rubik, 2015).


As you can see from the cover, this is no ordinary magazine. There is no covergirl or cover story. Rather it is more like a coffee table book with a hardback exterior and an intriguing front cover. This issue is inspired by our 5 senses, and how they affect the way we perceive the world around us.  To read more about the book and buy a copy, click here.


One section of her 2015 Vogue interview about 25 that stood out to me was when Anja was asked about if the female view on ecroticism was missing in the media. She said that at least in America, the approach to nudity and the female body is very prudish and vulgar. She goes on to say that there is a fine line between erotic and sensual, and that line is so thin it often disappears. Either we don’t mention female sexuality or we over expose and over sexualize. She wants to go back to representing women that honors their innocent and honest beauty.

View this post on Instagram

In collaboration with @barnabyroper

A post shared by Anja Rubik (@anja_rubik) on


In my opinion, this video post on her Instagram shows the new trends she wants to establish in the industry. She is literally breaking through the glass of what is considered the norm for women in the media and showing a sensual side of the female body that doesn’t have to be over the top.

Additionally everyone should check out Barnaby Roper. He is one of those filmmakers/photographers that has such a distinct style. I admire that. In the midst of brands trying to find photographers that are versatile enough to fit their style, Roper decides to find his own style and have brands and models come to him for his work. It’s brilliant really.

Check out this film he did for 25. Not only does it show his style, it also shows the type of erotica that Rubik is trying to portray. Yes there are boobs, but they are placed in the video in an artistic way, rather than being the main focus. Unfortunately I don’t think Instagram is ready for a video like this. 25’s Insta actually got taken down for a picture of a sheer top Rubik wore for Anthony Vaccarello showing her nipples. They have a new insta now.

Why is Instagram so afraid of the nipple? I actually have lots of photographer friends who post nude images, but have to use Photoshop to cover the nipple in order for it to get by Instagram standards. To me, I find this very strange. You could have a woman clothed and posing in an extremely vulgar way, and yet when you show a woman naked in her most natural, and purest form, it gets taken down if there is a nip slip. Seriously Instagram, let’s #freethenipple. Of course to be fair to Instagram, that is harder said than done. Like Rubik said, there is a fine line between erotic and sensual, so it is easier for Instagram just to block all nipples. I still find this against what I believe to be the right solution. Maybe it is just a societal problem that Instagram is doing its best to solve, but why is it okay to show pretty much all of a boob, yet hide the nipple?



o-30197 o-30199

Anyway Rubik’s latest conquest is the fragrance world. She believes that scent can be very powerful. It can trigger memories and take you back to a time or place.  No wonder the motto of the scent is to “follow your own path and spirit.” Her concept revolves around the motto and the scent being intertwined, so that it triggers that emotion and idea. So even though the scent is her embodiment, she really wants the scent to be something that molds into your memory too. The scent is called Original, and you can read more about it on her fragrance website.


She was inspired by the flower lilies, and she states, “I love lilies – the smell and how delicate and innocent and white it is whilst at the same time symbolising erotica. There’s a huge contrast, which is something I think every woman has inside of her.” (Rubik, 2015). The scent is unisex, but has floral undertones. She wanted the perfume to be this way because she believes women are taking over a lot of men’s responsibilities and wanted the scent to reflect that. Many celebrities have perfumes, but most of them try to appeal to the mass market. Not Rubik. She wanted the scent to be 100% her creation and vision.

I didn’t know much about Rubik until I did some research on her last night. But now I believe she is more than just a model. She is a visionary and inspiration for all women out there to express their sensuality and not be afraid to do so.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

3 thoughts on “Anja Rubik and Female Sensuality

  1. Exploring female sensuality is a really interesting subject…completely agree that in the main its approached prudishly or vulgarly and very rarely is it done in a way that is holistic and honours the female form. Great post!


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