Happy Birthday Lorde!

Hello my field daisies!



Yes I know this is slightly belated, but it is still 11:00pm in LA, so I still have time!

I wanted to do a quick Music Monday and shoutout to my Queen, Ella, otherwise known as Lorde. I wrote about her back in 2013 and attended her concert at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater on Oct. 3rd, 2014. I think my favorite song by her is still Love Club. She never played it at the concert, and I don’t think there was ever an official music video, but here is an awesome fan music video:

Lorde wrote a long reflection on her 20th birthday. I have put a link to it on her Facebook page here. In it she talks a lot about the next chapter of her life and also her highly anticipated sophomore album.

I totally relate to where Lorde is coming from. As a 21 year old, I feel like I have a small dust speck of experience on what it is like being in my 20s. This is more of a post to Lorde than anyone else. But it is a public post, so please read and enjoy.

Dear Ella,

You have been in my life since I was 19, and when I heard you live for first time, I was on the brink of being 20. My birthday was approaching in December, and I was reflecting on finally being in my twenties. I saw that concert with my one of my new best friends, Shahir. We met by chance during a FAST designer interest meeting. We sat together talking and ended up agreeing to go to a fabric store together. It turned out I had no idea how to sew to save my life, so I dropped out. But I didn’t quit FAST. Instead I ended up being their first Creative Director, and Shahir and I ended up being life long friends. I helped him produce two of his photoshoots for his collection.

He was the first friend in Berkeley to invite me to a concert, Katy Perry. I wrote a review for her album Prism on Bare Magazine, and I think he saw that and invited me. Her concert was one of my favorite college experiences. Shahir and I danced and sang along to all her songs, and it made me realize how long she had been in my life. Then I realized how long you had been in my life. Now Katy has been in my life longer, but you saw me through to my twenties. I am always going to remember your music because of that. Ella when I saw you were coming to Berkeley, I felt like our stars had aligned. I invited Shahir to the concert, and we sat in the far left corner from you. Here is a video I captured from the event:

You talked about the feeling of being a kid and hiding in a cupboard, so your parents couldn’t find you and take you home. That’s how you described Berkeley, and that is what Berkeley became for me. A place away from home. I am so happy you enjoyed being in that town as much as I did.

As for turning 20, my 20th birthday was amazing. I spent it with my boyfriend at the Not So Silent Night Concert. We got there late, so missed the opening and Vance Joy sadly. But that didn’t matter. I was with someone I cared deeply for. We hadn’t said I love you yet, but the words were coming. I was in a whole new swirl of falling in love and feeling able to do so free of judgment. Being in your teens feels like forever, but when you are finally in your 20s, time moves so fast.

At 21, My boyfriend and I moved from Auburn, Alabama to Los Angeles, California, and here I am today still trying to understand this mystery called love and domestic partnership. I love him to pieces, and I hope your 20s are full of love and happiness as mine currently is.

You have made such an impact on my life, and if you ever read this someday, thank you for getting me through my tough times, my happy times and my zone out time. Your music has touched me so deeply, I will be playing it until I’m well past adulthood.



I plan on making a weekly schedule for posting, to keep myself on track and my content consistent. But this is going to take some time and trial and error. Here’s a few ideas I have so far:

Media/Model/Music Monday’s

Media: (Talk about what’s major going on in the media, whether it be the news or pop culture)

Model: (Where I look at the latest high fashion photoshoots, trends and runways)

Music: You’re reading one right now

(Got a lot of Monday ideas)  >.<

Tunes Tuesday

(Since I got too many Monday ideas and need to cut Music) 

Whatever Wednesday

(whatever I want, like poetry 🙂

Tech Thursday’s 

(Where I talk about tech, which will be mainly fitness/sleep trackers and virtual reality) 

Friday MyDay

(Where I take a break from writing or not who knows?!)

Lazy Saturday’s

(Where I talk about what movies and TV shows I’m watching *which I mostly do on a couch) 

Youday (Sunday)

(Talking about YouTube) 

Additionally I will be leaving for a week to visit my friend Ariana Sage in Portland, Oregon, so this weekly schedule probably won’t begin until November 21st.

But thank you as always for sticking with me my field daisies!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish night!


Daisy Dai

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