Cat The Drawl (Get it? Cathedral?)


Hello my field daisies!

Another rapid fire post coming your way.

I know the debate is going on right now, and I am a terrible citizen for not watching. But whatever.


Look I promise I’ll keep up with the presidential campaign next time around. It’s just that I can’t stand to see them rip each other apart. Seriously if Trump calls Hilary crooked one more time…


Like seriously... Who made this?
Like seriously… Who made this?
Ohhhh I’m sooooo corrupt. (this is sarcasm)



Anyway back to fashion. Here is another set of photos from my escapade with Amanda Danielle Jernigan .

This is my favorite shoot that we have done so far. I decided to take Amanda to the typical tourist SF spots, mainly that heart thing in Union Square that changes every so often. This time we went it was covered with cool gold spray painted typography.

Then here comes the fun part.

I decided to take her on the cable train up the hills, so she could see the city from up high. And like true Bay Area natives, we jumped off without paying. Hehe.


My friend Amanda is so amazing, and the views we got were spectacular. Here is a picture I took of her. Now I am no photographer, but I am pretty proud of this photo 🙂


Our main event was checking out this awe inspiring cathedral and shooting at it. Surprisingly we didn’t get busted at all. The people there were really friendly and super nice about us taking photos.

I wanted desperately to do another shoot here with Megan Riggio for FAST, but alas we didn’t have the time, money or transportation to really make it happen. That’s okay though. We did a super wonderful shoot on the Berkeley Campus. Shout out to Dickens for being a great photographer!


Also one last thing:

This Marc Jacobs purse I got is very special to me. It was my first auction win at Peach, which was a fashion app that I worked for that did 9 minute auctions on designer brands. I was their Digital Media Director and would literally spend all my time on that app, waiting to win something. I still have the backpack I won from them.

These Steve Madden shoes are also very special. I have a love hate relationship with Steve Madden. After my good friend Ming  told me they copy styles from other brands, it makes me not like them. But the reason I like them so much is because these are the only shoes that fit me perfectly! Every Steve Madden shoe I have bought fits like a dream. Eh… Who knows? Maybe I need to find a new favorite shoe brand.

Anyway I leave you guys with a video of a girl drawling a cat 🙂

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!



Moshary bodysuit (thrift store purchase)

Marc Jacobs bag

Steve Madden Shoes

Lookmatic Glasses 

Daisy Dai

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