WHY? Who I’m Voting For President


Hello my field daisies!

I’m been thinking a long time about this post. 10 months in fact.

I know you all have been waiting too.


Why haven’t I posted since January? Well usually I am just lazy, but this time I’m slightly disgusted.

I know this isn't Clinton. But people are acting this way.
I know this isn’t Clinton. But people are acting this way.
I know this isn't Trump. But I mean come on. He said it.
I know this isn’t Trump. But I mean come on. He said it.

This year has been the craziest election season I have ever seen. I hate talking politics. I really do. Because there are people I love that I know don’t share the same political views that I do.

This country has also seen some of the worst shootings in its history. One shooting that happened lately was at the city I went to college, Berkeley, California. A 35 year old man is left in critical condition on October 16th when he was shot on Haste and Dana Street, a 10 minute walk from my college apartment.

Not only that, other countries are struggling too.

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on June 24th, or what is commonly known as Brexit. How catchy right? Not really. It’s causing so many problems for Britain I don’t even want to talk about it.

Syria is also in turmoil. Just 10 hours ago Aljazeera has just confirmed that an airstrike has left 47 people dead, including 14 people dead from one family, the Aleppo family.

I just wasn’t in the mood to do fashion or pop culture posts. I felt like they were irrelevant in comparison to what was happening in the world.

But I am breaking my silence now. WHY? Because of Casey Neistat. He posted a video telling everyone point blank who he is voting for. I think this is a great idea, and other YouTubers are jumping on the trend such as Grace Helbig.

Casey Neistat is a very popular YouTube vlogger with over 5 million subscribers. He was winner of YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards in 2015. He works with big brands like Samsung and celebrities like Karlie Kloss and Dave Franco. He wasn’t always so big on YouTube. He got his start with an HBO series he created with his brother called the Neistat Brothers. He is a pro on a boosted board and is an expert drone flyer. Please watch his vlogs if you haven’t!




So the big question is: Who am I voting for president? If you’re Facebook friends with me, I think that answer is pretty obvious because I already changed my profile picture. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton (hopefully). This whole registration thing is so confusing. I turned in my application, yet when I check www.iwillvote.com/ it says I am not registered. But I am going to try everything in my power to vote, even though I am in California and Hillary is probably going to win anyway. If you honestly want to know why, it has nothing to do with her policies. It has everything to do with her opponent. I want anybody but Trump, and Hillary has the best chance against him.


Why the photo in the logo? Because I am honestly done with this election. I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

Also when I ran for Pres in high school, I did a screaming photo, so you know symmetry, irony, symbolism, blah.

This is my first year I am allowed to vote for real. Before I was 17, and my birthday was not until December, missing the election by a month. So perhaps I am just a new spirit who hasn’t been hit hard by the system yet. Maybe I believe my vote still counts.

Anyway rant over. Let’s go back to the fashion and let me catch you all up with what has been happening these past few months.


A part of me feels like I’ve been in hiding, living like Adele or Ed Sheeran, removing myself from all social media for months. Granted, Adele went on like a several year hiatus, and I’ve only been gone for a few months and still use Snapchat (but still). It’s been a long time since I posted regularly. Why? Well I’ve been in love, and like Adele I decided to unplug to focus on my relationship. But I’m back, and I’m here to share a little bit of our life with you.


Here is us at the 1975 concert in Austin, Texas. We were driving across the country from Alabama to Los Angeles and decided to stop for a night in Austin to see them. He hadn’t heard of the band before, but I LOVE THEM. Here is a little snippet of a video I took of Matthew Healy having fun on stage.


My boyfriend makes me feel like a giddy kitten, and I love rubbing all over him when he is playing video games. I love him.


But we went to that concert in May! What have I been doing in the beginning of the year?

If you’ve read my last blog posts, you’ll know I was stressing so hard about reporting at Sundance. This was my first time on the press lines, and it was such a surreal experience. It taught me I never want to be a red carpet reporter ever again. Yes seeing the celebs are so cool and amazing, but I feel like such a jerk trying to get them to answer my questions. I remember this one guy calling out to some celeb even though she wasn’t in the movie. He was pestering her to the point that I felt embarrassed standing by him. And squeezing with all the reporters? Not fun at all. Once you get your spot, you have to stand there rigid as a pole, making sure no one takes it or else you won’t get your shot.

That is not to say Sundance wasn’t the best experience of my life. I got to see Birth of a Nation  in theaters before everyone else. What?! And I got to meet Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web and my idol when I was a Media Studies major.

I also got to meet Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Tyler Posey,  Harley Quinn Smith, Nick Kroll and so many other famous icons.


fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5 fullsizerender img_4693

I think my favorite interview I did was with Brett Gelman and Jason Woliner. We did the 7 second challenge created by YouTuber Phil Lester. Brett was so good at this it astounded me. Actually since he is the actor, I shouldn’t be so surprised. Jason was so sweet and was such a good sport. Their chemistry is so evident, which is why they do funny things together like Dinner in America, a scripted reality show that is absolutely hilarious and over the top crazy.


But that was in the beginning of the year? What have I been doing now?

Well I worked as a Producer/Agent at RealVirtue, a start up management/production company that represented directors, cinematographers and studios that created motion, imagery and virtual reality for entertainment, fashion and advertising. I worked to find and sign artists and studios onto our roster and pitch this roster to clients. I also researched VR extensively and tried various VR experiences. I know so much about VR now, and I truly believe it will become big in the coming months. I am so excited for the Playstation VR.


Then I worked briefly at Studio71 as their Partner Relations Manager. It was a similar job, but instead of finding VR directors, I found YouTubers. This was a dream job. I’ve been watching YouTube for years, and it is so fascinating that there are now entertainment companies specifically designed for YouTubers. This was an entertainment company that works with YouTubers and digital stars. They manage them and have a whole team of people working to build their YouTube channels. They manage top YouTubers such as Mamrie Hart, iiSuperwomanii, Rhett and Link, Epic Meal Time and Wengie.

There are big Hollywood studios that are capitalizing too. For example, Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig just released Dirty30, which stars a bunch of YouTubers such as Anna Akana, Rhett and Link, Mike Murphy, Drew Monson, Flula, Chester Cee, and Timothy DelaGhetto. This project was produced by Lionsgate.

I think the advertising market is changing. People are rapidly turning to average consumers for their product reviews, and these people are making careers out of sponsorships, merchandising, tv shows, etc.

The media landscape is also changing. YouTube videos are being watched and consumed daily, and YouTubers are jumping onto other platforms. You can’t hand your script to a director in a restaurant anymore. YouTube is becoming the space where studios and big companies turn to for their talent. I can’t wait to see what the Streamy’s will be like next year. Hopefully it will rival the Emmy’s.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!


*I already wore this shirt in a post, so if you wanna read that click here.


Kohl’s shirt

Forever 21 pants

Teva Boots

Casio Watch 



Daisy Dai

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