Sorry Not Sorry


NYS Sunglasses

John Galt Top

Forever 21 Pants

Hello my field daisies!

Yes I did not write yesterday, but rather than apologize for it, I am just going to say sorry not sorry. I’ve come to realize I won’t be able to write everyday, so I might as well stop apologizing for it. Besides I don’t want to sound like Amy Schumer in her “I’m Sorry” skit. As a woman, I feel like I say sorry a lot. Maybe it’s society’s gender norms or my own personal upbringing, but it’s almost a reflex thing. Women are supposed to be apologetic. They are supposed to be unobtrusive. Stereotypes such as these have conditioned me to being a sorry robot, and sometimes I have to step back and catch myself. Yes there are times when apologies are due, such as month long hiatuses, but I think if I am gone for a day or two that’s fine. At UC Berkeley, I was part of an ensemble that created a piece entitled Open Lab: Identity and Belonging that touched on the subjects of race, immigration, LGTBQ and mental illness. We each used our own personal stories to create a play. During our writing process, we tried to go “beep beep” whenever someone started apologizing for their work, halting them in the middle of their “I’m sorry.” Apologizing for yourself and your work diminishes yourself and your work. Even though you might think your stuff is complete crap, just be confident and play it off cool. There are countless times when I thought I had made a complete fool of myself only to be complimented after the fact.

But anyway rant over! I promise I won’t begin every post with an I’m sorry from now on 🙂


This is another set of photos from Amanda’s visit to me in Cali. Funny enough I bought this top the day we shot this look. We took the BART to Powell, went shopping and decided to walk all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Crazy right? I don’t know what we were thinking. We could have taken an uber, but instead we just winged it and walked in the direction of the Golden Gate until we hit the beach. It ended up being one of my coolest SF experiences I ever had. We literally walked until we could walk no more. That’s life right? C’est La Vie? 🙂


This is one of the first halter tops I’ve bought in a really long time. I don’t know why I’m just not a big halter top kind of girl. But I am really digging the thin strap halter tops. They just seem so classy and sleek. I feel so summery and care free when I wear this top. Of course it is too cold now, so I will have to wait till summer to wear it again.


My necklace was bought from a local street vendor at Berkeley. Now that I am back in Alabama, I will miss those local street vendors. They have the best jewelry and nick knacks. I miss California in general. I desperately want to be back and hope to one day return.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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