Rooftop Billions


H&M Jacket 

Forever 21 Dress

Steve Madden Platforms 

Hello my field daisies!

I know I’ve been gone for two days, and I’m really sorry. I keep saying I will blog everyday, and each time I break my promise. Much like Justin Bieber, I know I’ve said it a couple of hundred times, but is it too late to say sorry? I’ve compiled a set of memes just for the occasion. Hopefully it’ll be enough of an apology 🙂

200 (1)

200 (3)

200 (2)

200 (4)


200 (5)

I can’t make any promises that I won’t stop blogging every once in a while. I know for a fact in 10 days my blogging might come to a halt because that’s when Sundance starts, and I’ll be too busy to even breathe. But I’ll do my best to keep blogging daily, albeit maybe not everyday but at least three times a week.


Now that my Le Mechantes posts are over, I’m now back to editing my photos myself. My apologies for the uneven job I’m still learning how to edit my photos properly. These photos are really old, from the time my friend Amanda visited me over the summer. This was back when I still lived in Cali. I never knew I had rooftop access until she showed it to me. I lived three years in that apartment and never knew I had a rooftop.

Many thanks to my best friend Amanda for taking these photos and showing me my awesome rooftop. It was such a cloudy, cold and windy day when we shot this look.  But being up there with Amanda made the shoot bearable and even enjoyable.


This outfit is perfect for an evening out on the town. The top of this dress is mesh, giving it a seductive feel, but the contrast of the roses give it more of a delicate, feminine feel. The light pink jacket especially makes this look more girly than sexy.


As many of you know, the powerball lottery is set to be at $1.3 billion dollars with the next drawing to be held on Wednesday. This is the world’s highest cash prize going to one ticket winner . But the odds to winning are next to none, 1 in 292,201,338 to be exact.  This didn’t stop Amanda, her boyfriend and me from going to lottery tickets last night. We had to drive to the Alabama Georgia border to get the tickets because Alabama doesn’t have a lottery. I know I have absolutely no chance in winning, but if I were to win the money, I would want to spend it on making a Hollywood worthy movie with my boyfriend. That would be a dream come true.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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