Transparent Sunlight


Les Mechantes Dress

Les Mechantes Necklace

Hello my field daisies!

Here is another look from my Les Mechantes shoot. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to edit any of my other shoots. Many thanks to the talented Dusty (@pixelvice) for taking and editing these photos. Such a life saver!


This dress has a nice vintage rose pattern with a mid V cut and puffy sleeves. Its made from a smooth silky material that is perfect for the warm summer months. Of course it is winter now, but this dress could also work with a nice long coat and stockings.


As you can see in the picture above, the dress is made of two layers, one transparent rose patterned and the other dark blue and non transparent. The dress looks perfect in the sunlight because it offers a chance for the see through layer to shine without leaving you exposed.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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