Not Too Deep


Les Mechantes Maxi

Steve Madden Heels

Hello my field daisies!

My goal to blog everyday has sadly become thwarted as it is now 1:44 AM where I am. I feel like this time is such a grey area. So I guess I’ll be blogging twice today? I really want to keep this blogging thing going, and as an apology to you all here is a short little poem.

(As you all know I like to write my apologies in poem form)

In the wee hours, where night blends into day,

All thoughts drift to the sweet kiss of

a lover who is too far away.

But my darling don’t fret

Because I’m here to



My field daisies

I have not forgotten about you.

Your love is seeping in the back of my mind.

My love I’m torn like a sheet of paper between my love

For you and my love for the world beyond the typing of this keyboard.


So what have I been doing today? Or well technically yesterday I suppose? I spent the majority of my day developing my coverage plan for the Sundance Film Festival. Being a reporter is extensive, tiring work. You have to do research on the talent you want to interview, contact the PR agents handling the talent and respond to countless emails and phone calls. But I love it so much and I cannot wait to be at Sundance. Only 14 more days until the start of the festival! Holy crap that’s two weeks…

After all my Sundance research, I felt like I needed a release. So I went to my friend Amanda’s and we made shrimp quinoa bowls. It was freaking delicious. Then I went home and took a bubble bath and listened to Grace Helbig’s podcast, Not Too Deep, which is what inspired the name of this blog post. Because the first picture looks like I am deep in the wilderness, but you can see in the picture above that I am really only inches away from the road. Not too deep at all!


For all those who haven’t heard of Not Too Deep, I highly recommend it. It’s a podcast that is specifically makes a point to be not too deep. It’s such a light hearted and fun thing to listen to, and it is my go to podcast when I am traveling long distances or taking a bath or anytime I need something to pass the time. And her guests are all of my favorite YouTubers such as Hannah Hart and Troye Sivan.


Another fun thing about Grace’s podcast is she does challenge videos with all her guests that she uploads onto her YouTube channel. You can check them out below.


The dress I am wearing is my absolute favorite from the Les Mechantes collection. When I put it on I felt like a bohemian goddess. The dress is made of a silky breezy fabric, and you feel like you’re wearing air. And the front slit? Omg Swoon! It is cut in the most perfect way. The sleeves are also very open and flowy, which is so in right now. I swear I am not being sponsored by them in any way. Trust me I would tell you if I was. I truly believe this dress is magicial.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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