Handful of Sweet Nothings


Trioo Canary Seashell Glasses 

Double Zero Top

American Eagle Bandeau

BCBGeneration Skirt

Steve Madden Shoes

Deux Lux Backpack

Hello my field daisies!

Here is an update on my life. I’ve decided to start rewatching Breaking Bad. A risky move I know because I am going to eye guzzling it nonstop. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time, and I’ve only watched it once through. The last time I saw Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was during the season finale three years ago. Time really does fly! My boyfriend started rewatching it, so I decided to play copy cat and rewatch it too. >.<

I just finished one of my favorite episodes, S1E6, Crazy Handful of Nothin. This is the first time Walter White uses the name Heisenberg. It’s also the first time he meets Tuko. The ending of this episode is so great because of the way Walter stands up to Tuko. He uses a tweak of chemistry that makes the whole place go boom.


I wrote one post about Breaking Bad two years ago, using it to reference a Linda Pastan poem and how social media has become the new answering machine. I still think that is true. Check it out here if you like!


Another wonderful life development: I’m going to be a reporter at the Sundance Film Festival! I will be representing Pacific Magazine at the festival and working with an organization from UC Berkeley called Berkeley Film Friends. We’ve worked so hard to get the press credentials and raise money to go to Sundance. The festival starts January 21st, and I am beyond excited to attend. Below is a playlist documenting our progress from all the way from when we started getting funding and hiring recruits.


In terms of my outfit it’s another oldie but goodie. As you can see, my tips are still dyed in these photos even though I cut them off months ago. The watch I am wearing is my new all time favorite statement piece. It is a men’s watch, but has enough holes to fit my tiny wrist. I am very particular about watches, and I spend hours looking on Amazon for the perfect watch. I like mine to be waterproof and made of silicon. Leather and metal tend to be too heavy and bulky for me. I think Casio black and gold watches are my go to because they are ridiculously cheap and have the minimalist vibe I’m going for.


For a while I wore this Casio woman’s watch until I lost it and had to get a new one. In March 2015 I swore this was going to be my watch forever, but I am a bit of a fickle person. So I decided to get a new one but kept it in the Casio family.


I adore these Steve Madden platforms. I feel like platforms are the clogs of our generation. They are comfortable but give enough height to make your legs pop. The difference between platforms and clogs are that platforms have grooved, sporty treks on the bottoms, giving them a modern flare. These treks make all the difference. I would never be caught dead in clogs, but I own numerous platforms.

Use DAISY at checkout at Trioo for 15% off!

Photo Credit for my fashion photos: Ankur Maniar, @encoreankur 

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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