I’m Back

IMG_9518 copy

Ann Taylor Loft Jacket 

Lovely Day Dress

Arturo Chiang Boots 

NYS Sunglasses

Necklace from a street vendor

Hello my field daisies!

It’s been another long hiatus, but I’m back! My apologies for being away for a month. I’ve been super busy with school, applying for jobs, FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) and BFF (Berkeley Film Friends). I’ve also been organizing a lot of photoshoots and videoshoots for a super secret collaboration with a wonderful eyewear company called Trioo. More details about that coming soon 🙂

I am the Creative Director for FAST. The past year I’ve ran the position solo, but this semester I get my very own Creative Team full of photographers, hair and makeup artists, graphic designers, musicians and artists! I am so excited to be working with these creatives.

This semester BFF is trying to take Cal students to Sundance! Thanks to the Cal Alumni Association, we have press passes to the festival, meaning we get to interview celebrities and filmmakers! I am so excited for Sundance. We have been busy trying to raise funds. I am elated to announce the Student Opportunity Fund has approved my application, and my transportation costs are now covered. Now we have to figure out lodging and food, which hopefully won’t be too bad. Click here to watch our latest episode from our web series.



These photos were taken by my talented friend, Ankur Maniar.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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