The Last Summer

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Gitano Romper

Teva Sandals 

NXS Sunglasses 

Hello my field daisies!

As summer is nearing its end, I am brimming with a mix fear and anticipation for my final semester of college. In many ways, this summer is my last summer. After college, the concept of summer break will no longer apply to me. From kindergarten to college, I’ve always been given a two month hiatus away from working. I used most of college summers taking summer classes, something I sort of regret now, especially since I will never have summer breaks ever again. On the other hand, I am happy I get to graduate early and save myself a semester of paying tuition. The end of summer breaks signifies the end of childhood. Sure there will still be pools, watermelons and fireworks, but I will no longer be encouraged to do nothing for two months. My life will consist of 9-5 weekdays, and my only break will be weekends.

But I suppose I am getting ahead of myself. I suppose if I really wanted to keep my summers, I could just go to grad school. And there are other occupations that don’t work 9-5, such as writing or acting.

So here’s to uncertainty about the future, lamenting of the past and excitement for the present.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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