She’s So Hollywood


Bare Stage Tank 

Mossimo Shorts

NYS Sunglasses

Teva x Nasty Gal Flatforms 

Hello my field daisies!

Hollywood. The place where dreams come to thrive or die. I’ve always been fascinated with Hollywood, the mecca of filmmaking, full of glitz and glamour. Out of everyone pursuing art, the most renowned are those in the film and music industry. Musicians and actors have a devoted, cult following. They are chased through the streets by the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. People want to know everything about them, who they love, who their children are, what they do for fun, etc.

Why are these creatives so revered? I suppose the answer is due to technology and human emotion. Digital technologies gives video and audio media permanence and reproducibility. Nowadays a movie, tv show and song can be turned into bits of information that remain permanent. We can replay things on repeat without fear of the decaying properties of time. Additionally these media speak to the soul. We are entertained by their stories of love, conquest and drama.


I felt it fitting to wear my Bare Stage  productions shirt to my first visit to Hollywood. Bare Stage was the start of my acting career. I acted when I was a kid and in middle school, but those experiences were so traumatizing, they made me vow to never act again. During my freshman year at Auburn, I remember talking with one of my acting professors about acting for film versus acting for plays. I told him I wanted to be in films because I didn’t think I could stay in character for a whole play. He told me not to sell myself short, and he was right.

So far I’ve done two plays with Bare Stage, Macbeth and 12 Angry Men. I am forever grateful for those experiences. They have given me some of my best friends and taught me so much about acting. However I still want to pursue films instead of plays. I want to have my name etched on Hollywood Blvd for an Oscar winning performance. It’s a big and probably unattainable dream I know. But aren’t dreams suppose to be larger than life?

IMG_8991 copy

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

 Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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