I Lost My Head in San Francisco

IMG_0427 copy

Forever 21 Trench Coat 

Vera Wang Cardigan 

American Eagle Dress 

Teva Sandals 

Hello my field daisies!

IMG_0443 copy

San Francisco has a pull on my heart like no other city. In fact, I dare say it is my favorite. I’ve lived in the Bay for about 3 years now, and I’ve explored every inch of this place. Instead of seeing the city through the wide eyes of a tourist, I see San Francisco through the calm eyes of a native. Of course there are still parts of the city that remain unexplored. This photoshoot was my first time seeing the Golden Gate Bridge up close. Controversial I know. How can I be native without seeing the Golden Gate up close? The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic and classic like No5 Chanel perfume. You see it everywhere, but when you get to see it in person and really breathe it in, it is such a surreal experience.

IMG_0453 copy

My shoes have an interesting story. These are the first pair of Tevas I’ve ever owned. This was long before I worked for them as a campus consultant. I bought them at Kinnucan’s, a local Auburn speciality outfitters store, with my employee discount. My first job was working at Kinnucan’s as a sales associate. My favorite shift was when I was working shoes because I liked helping people try them. I felt like their personal stylist. Our main shoes were Chacos, but I always recommended Tevas because I thought they were lighter and easier to put on.

IMG_0459 copy

I’ve worn this dress in a previous post, so I am not gonna talk about it much. As for my coat, it is made of suede-like material, and I like its randomly stitched brown panels. Its softness and structure reminds me of a robe.

*My bad for the poorly edited photos! I know each one looks a little different >.<

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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