#TevaUpgrade: Living the High Life


PC: Lorenz Angelo 

Models (Left to Right): 

Ely Orquiza 

FungYing Tan Tai

Dakota Goodman

Nicholas Ryan Murphy

Hello my field daisies!

So if you read my post the other day or if you have been following me on my social media, you already know that I was sponsored by Teva. I worked for them for about 20 weeks, and it really felt like I was living the high life. I feel truly thankful for the opportunities that Teva and Rice McVaney has given me.

I decided to delete yesterday’s post because it didn’t feel like an accurate depiction of my time with Teva.

*Although sometimes I do feel like Subway guy off of Community*


And for those who think I am a sell out for taking the Teva deal… I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

But I digress.


From left:

Nick in Original Universal Lux.

Dakota in Original Universal Lux.

Ely in Berkeley Sandal.

Fung in Original Sandal.

BTS FYI: This photoshoot was a collision of fashion and theater, with the two men trained as actors and the two ladies trained as models. I met Nick and Ely through 12 Angry Men and Open Lab: Identity and Belonging. I met Fung and Dakota through FAST (Fashion and Student Trends) Eboard. Nick and Ely’s acting skills and Dakota and Fung’s modeling skills created an interesting street style dynamic. I was truly honored to work with such amazing individuals. Thank you so much you four for embracing the chilly winds while still looking effortlessly like summer vixens.

Backstory (made up): College is a time where you make lasting best friends. These four seniors finally finished classes and wanted to take one last trip together. They’ve been best friends since freshman year and have been through it all together. There is so much love between these four, perhaps even some unrequited love. They try not to think of the future, rather they live in the now, soaking up each precious minute they have with one another. They make each other laugh. They make each other smile. And they will always be there for each other, no matter where the winds take them.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! If you would like to buy any of the photos or to see the full collection click here.

This photoshoot was inspired by this song and music video. If you can, play the song while scrolling through these photos 🙂

The Car Ride

LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-030LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-028LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-025 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-026LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-031LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-032LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-033LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-034 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-036

The Sandlot

LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-021 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-022LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-019LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-015 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-016 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-017 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-024

Seabreeze Munchies


The Pier at Sunset

LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-038 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-039 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-040 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-041 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-042 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-044 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-045 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-046 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-047 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-048

LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-049 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-050LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-053 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-054 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-055LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-057 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-058 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-059LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-060 LorenzAngelo-daisydai-teva-052

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!


Daisy Dai

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