Throwback Thursday: The Best Purchase I Ever Made

Hello my field daisies!

It’s Thursday, so guess what that means? Throwback Thursday or otherwise known as #tbt #throwback #ThrowbackThursday… You get the drift. It could also be called Flashback Friday in my opinion. It’s basically a time warp into the past, so you can get those feelings again.

Here is my throwback.

And for those too lazy/busy to click the link…


This was one of my first product reviews. As many of you know, I am a review reader addict. It honestly takes me forever to make a purchase. I am not fooled by these flash sales or buy one get one free garbage. Unless it’s Black Friday and it’s Forever 21, then I am all for it.

And honestly I still stand by being a review reader addict. Aggregate opinion has never failed me before. You just gotta sift through the positive and negative reviews to figure out who is exaggerating/mad and who is being honest/levelheaded.

I love Urbanears. If they were to offer me a sponsorship, I would take it in a heartbeat. Their headphones are just that good and reasonably priced. I love music. I’ve tried a variety of different headphones. These are honestly the best pair you can get for under $100.

So far I’m on pair number 3. I buy Plattan. I use an Apple phone, so sometimes it is tricky to get the right voice command and volume button, so I recommend Plattan Plus for Apple users. If $70 is out of your price range, go to Amazon. Whenever Urbanears gets their new latest season, the old ones get sent to suppliers for a cheaper sell (I’m not a Haas major, so correct me if I am wrong about this). I got the pair I currently own for $40.

I pick a different color each time. White, Blue and now Red.

Whenever it breaks (which it never does I always just lose them), then I buy another pair in a different color.

Also the Zoundplug. So far I’ve used it twice on real people. My boyfriend and my mom. And it’s been an absolute delight.

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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