The Death of Taxi Cabs and the Rise of Uber


Express Tank Top

BCBG Generation Skirt

Guess Heels

Deux Lux Backpack

Hello my field daisies!

My apologies for yet another hiatus, but I am sure you’re used to them by now. Still though I’m going to try to produce content for the rest of July. Let’s hope I can keep my promise.

*scroll to the bottom to read about taxis and Uber*

This outfit was taken during my photoshoot with Lorenz Angelo. It is pretty old. Since then my purple tips have faded away into a nice bronzy blonde.


Black and white is such a classic combo. There is really no way you could do it wrong. I decided to pair two faux white leather pieces with a faux fur black coat. Many thanks to my friend Amanda for giving me the black coat. She’s seriously the big sister I’ve always wanted. Over the years she’s given me a number of cute hand me downs and driven me to numerous places (this is a big deal when you’re 15). She also took my first photoshoot, and many others.


I love the bottom of my tank top. It reminds me of those cut out snowflakes we used to make in elementary school.


Although I could talk all day about my outfit, there is one cultural phenomenon that I wish to bring to light: the death of taxi cabs and the rise of Uber.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Uber… What rock have you been living under? Lol just kidding. I mean my parents had no idea what Uber was until they visited me a month and a half ago.

A screenshot from the Uber app shows how users can see which cars are available nearby then use the app to hail a town car. The service is currently available in Seattle and San Francisco but not in Portland.

In a nutshell, Uber is an app that connects personal drivers to riders. Drivers and riders only have to open the app, and their location will pop up on the Uber homescreen. Riders can see exactly where their driver is and the time it will take for them to arrive. Once the pick up and drop off locations are set, all the driver needs to do is drive and all the rider needs to do is ride. All transactions and directions are handled within the app.

Uber is unbelievably convenient, so much so that it has reshaped consumer behavior. The taxi consumer has become impatient and will only settle for immediate satisfaction. Opening an app is easier and more reliable than hailing a cab, which is why taxis can never compete with Uber. Additionally Uber is cheaper than taxis because personal drivers do not have to pay the upfront costs that cabbies do.

Although I have gotten trapped into paying twice as much for an Uber because of surge costs, but I guess that’s what you pay for convenience. I don’t have the time or patience to wait for a cab.

That being said because I am in the Bay, my view towards Uber and ride sharing apps is a bit biased. I admit if I lived in New York, I might retract my belief that taxi cabs are dead.

In my mind, there is no denying that taxis are on their death bed. Much like horse drawn carriages, taxis will only be around as an ancient artifact that’s fun to ride every once in while but not if you really want to get somewhere.

Just to give you an idea about Uber culture, I leave you with a funny spoof Ray William Johnson did about the world’s worst Uber drivers. I’ve never had any experience as crazy as these scenarios, and since Uber has a strict rating policy, I doubt any drivers who act like this really exist. But still it’s funny to watch what pop culture thinks of Uber.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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