Did Cara Delevingne Pull Off the Low Cut Suit?


Image Credit: Splash News

Edited by: Your Truly (Me)


Hello my field daises!


The fashion world is buzzing over the outfit Cara wore to the Burberry Prorsum spring show. What do you guys think?

Did Cara leave enough room for imagination or is the low cut suit too revealing?

A new trend emerging is sneakers as appropriate for business and formal wear. Are the brightly colored kicks too much or do they match her pocket square perfectly?

Should men be the only ones allowed to wear suits? Or are they becoming more femininely appropriate?

There is no right or wrong answer here. And that is the beauty of fashion.

I think the low cut slit is daring and progressively high fashion. It’s hard to pull off such a deep v-neck, but I think Cara balances the look with everything else being conservative. The long pants and sleeves make the look classy. But she is definitely on the edge of fashion disaster. For example if she wore this look with a mini skirt it would be too much. This look could easily be modified by wearing a tank top underneath.

As for the sneakers, I love the concept of functionality and comfort being the focus of this fall season. But personally I am still warming up to the idea. In my eyes, it still looks tacky. If I see enough pictures of this look emerging, I think I will be convinced. You definitely have to find the right pair of sneakers, meaning they have to match the shade of your clothing perfectly. Currently I only own a pair of grey Nikes with a pink swoosh on the side. I hardly have any pink in my closet, so if I were to wear my sneakers I would have to pair it with something neural like a black or grey dress… Call me old fashioned, but I like the idea of heels. They may be at times uncomfortable, but I love the way they make women’s legs look.

BUT (I know I am using lots of buts) is my thought process a product of the media feeding us messages that women must be items for a male’s desire, meaning they must go to great lengths to look “pretty” standing on their tip toes to make their legs look longer?

This issue of femininity ties in with the last question that I am pondering. Should men be the only ones allowed to wear suits? The obvious answer is of course not. Women should be allowed to wear what men wear and men should be allowed to wear what women wear. That being said, it is very rare to see a woman in a full on suit and it is even rarer to see a man in heels and a ball gown. I wish this weren’t the case, but that is the way society is. I love how Cara is pushing gender norms by wearing a suit, albeit with a feminine twist. She is not pretending to be a man and is still holding a delicious looking purse and wearing ruby red lipstick and jewelry

Also notice the man behind Cara. He seems to be just a passerby, but his presence really solidifies the juxtaposition of of seeing a woman in a man’s suit. On him, the suit is not considered “low cut.” Granted if he were to wear it without the tie and undershirt, then perhaps it would be a little promiscuous.

To me, high fashion is setting new trends. Pushing the boundaries to the limit. I applaud anyone for trying. Of course, sometimes the looks are a flop, but that is completely personal opinion! In this case, I think Cara is a solid 8.5.

Mostly because I think the look would work for only a select few. Cara really could pull off anything.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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