Daisy’s ALS Challenge

Hello my field daises!

This day was bound to happen. A one way train to Happen. Don’t get me wrong. I know I look very grudgingly while doing the ALS challenge, but that doesn’t mean I hate it and the cause it is supporting. It’s amazing and wonderful that such an important cause has become so popular.

To those of you who don’t know, ALS  stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. (Thanks Wiki). The ALS ice bucket challenge is a trend where people film themselves pouring ice water over their heads, and then tagging three people to do the challenge. These people then have 24 hours to do the challenge or to donate money to the cause. In the span of one month (July 29-August 26), the ALS Association has raised 88.5 million dollars. Amazing right? Just unbelievable. Who knew dumping ice water on yourself could have so many variations and be so entertaining.

I’m used to seeing challenges done by YouTubers, but this is the first time I’ve seen a challenge spread across such a massive scale. Literally everyone and their grandmother have done this challenge. Even our beloved celebrities are taking their turn at this home made video making fun.

Saying you hate the ALS challenge is like admitting  you like punching babies.  It’s just not proper. But not going to lie when my brother texted me, “Quick question have u done the ice bucket challenge yet?” I said “No don’t you dare make me do it.”

Of course he’s my brother, so he didn’t listen to me.

Now I don’t mind personally doing the challenge. I just hate the tagging part because it makes me uncomfortable. It reminds me of spam chain letters such as this one:

Pass along



As a kid, this stuff really freaked me out. A fake death threat and a tangible charity organization are two completely different things, but I still get the same wincing feeling. So in my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I’ve decided not to tag three people. The people who’ve agreed to do something know who they are, but I’ve bleeped out their names.

I am excited to see how all all these new funds are going to be used and will keep you guys updated if anything happens. For those of you who think the ALS challenge is like a pop song that’s been played too many times, don’t worry. Just like ghamdan style, the ALS challenge will soon fade from our news feed. For now, let’s just appreciate the power of word of mouth and be thankful that a disease that was once known by few is now known by many.

Love ya’ll and thanks for watching!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

To donate to ALS click here. 

P.S. I know. I do this weird eye twitch thing when I am thinking. Real gifable material.


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