Is Street Style Becoming High Fashion?


Image Credit: the Sartorialist

Hello my field daisies!

When street style first started, it was seen as an alternative to magazine ads. It was supposed to be the more subdued version, what the everyday girl would wear. But now the two seem to be more in sync, with street style looking more and more like what one would see in magazines. Women and men are becoming bolder with their fashion choices. In a quote to Elle, fashion photographer Garance Doré said: “What we call street style isn’t actually street style at all, it’s fashion-week style.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.36.41 PM

Image Credit: Qkxlj

To me, it seems very obvious those who call their look “street style” is something different from what the average pedestrian wears. It has evolved into its own genre, replicating the looks of high fashion but keeping its candid essence. These women and men of street style are like models themselves, only they would never consider themselves as pose strikers. No, these fashion bloggers pride themselves on being able to emanate casual, perfecting the art of looking stylish while doing mundane things. Walking down the street, talking on the phone, looking to see if a car is coming… We’ve mastered them all.


Vogue September 2014 ad

Fashion blogging has risen from the grassroots and become a source of inspiration for designers and stylists. Street style is editorials personified, no longer watered down to fit in with the masses. Many brands, such as Michael Kors, use the street style approach in their ads, having models pose as if they were just doing everyday things. But even then there is something unauthentic about their nonchalant posing. Is street style becoming high fashion? Yes in a way it is. But there will always be something nitty gritty about street style. The people may be better dressed, but the photographs they take will always be brushed with realism, something a magazine ad could never replicate.


Post inspired by The Guardian 

fff 2

Tank Top: Express

Pants: Thrift Store

Sunglasses: Ann Taylor 

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Purse: Badgley Mischka Peyton Leather Tote 


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