You Know How It Is: Black and Yellow

DSC_0014Hello my field daises!

Today I am keeping it simple with a black cotton dress from H&M. I got this little number for a steal, only 5 dollars! It’s so comfortable and breezy. When it comes to clothing colors, black is like a clean slate. You can add whatever you like to suit any occasion.

For this particular photoshoot, I wanted to accentuate the bright yellowness of my purse. Take a tip from Wiz Khalifa, black and yellow is always a nice combo.

The purse I am showcasing today is the Mulberry Lily shoulder bag. Quality wise, this purse is impeccable. The cool thing about it is the strap. Pulled one way it acts like a shoulder bag, but it can also be pulled into a hand bag.




Sadly I do not have the honor of owning this lovely purse. But you could! Let me explain. I’m working as the Digital Media Director for a new start up called Peach, which is an app that allows you to name your price on designer goods. For now we are focused on handbags, but will extend our product line to accessories and clothing. My next few fashion posts will most likely be from my Peach photoshoots, so get ready for some pretty rockin high end purses.

The exciting part about this whole process is that each sale happens in 9 minutes. We send you a notification when a new sale is available and you say how much you’re willing to pay. The item goes to the person who offers to pay the most, but they only pay the second highest price. So you always pay less than you expect. A very exhilarating experience indeed. This is a new form of shopping that wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago, but with the proliferation of smart phones we’re able to make this happen.

A key component to the whole process is personalization. We tailor each good to suit your taste and style. Our team has some very smart people that are working to provide the best customer shopping experience anyone has ever witnessed. You won’t receive notifications for every item that is on sale, only the ones that you would be interested in. It’s targeting not to niche markets, but to you and only you. Every Peach is different for each person, and that’s the magic of it.


Currently Peach is only available through invite only. But since you guys are my readers, I want to give you guys the hook up. So go to my “Contact Me” section and fill out the form telling me you are interested in Peach, and I’ll do my best to get you a promo code.

Also I know I have been slacking on posting, and each time I say it’s because I am busy with something. First it was Macbeth and school, and I said I was going to post when summer started. Then summer started and I got lost in the relaxation. And before I knew it I was back at school doing summer classes, busy yet again. But no more excuses! Just like a New Year’s resolution, I want to start fresh, and I am determined to start posting more regularly. But also like a New Year’s Resolution, it might be another empty dream… But fear not for I am optimistic this time. I am going to plan ahead, scheduling time out of my day to blog. The thing about blogging is whenever you feel the urge to write, you have to do it, or else that moment is lost. Consistency is the key, not perfection persay.


Love ya’ll and thanks so much for reading! You guys rock.

Hope you have a daisyish day!




Daisy Dai

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