YouTube Channel iFashion: Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2014

Hello my field daisies!

Today I want to introduce a very underrated chinese YouTube channel, iFashion. iFashion describes itself as, the “first news-based application in China for fashion videos” The videos range from a wide array of topics: beauty, runway, trends, photoshoots, interviews, etc. It’s a wonderful little channel, and most videos are in English with Chinese subtitles.

The iFashion video above goes over a few upcoming makeup trends, some I like and some I don’t.

5 Trends to Add to Your Collection

1. Blues Dominating Eye Lids. 

Photo Credit: Cosmetic For Woman (blogspot)

iFashion describes blue eyeshadow as the “perfect pop to a tan complexion.”

I have always been skeptical of blue on eyes. For some reason, I can never find the right shade. I always feel like a cheap hooker after applying this shade of eye paint. I think the trick is perhaps mixing different shades of blue, like the model above is doing. White and glittery at the corners, getting darker as one reaches the brows.

2.Trying more brightly colored makeup, with a hint of black for a more smoky eye. 

Amanda Jernigan


My friend Amanda is so good at make up she could be a professional. The above picture was from when we were 16 years old. The model is my friend Michaela. As you can see, playing with different colors is all in the blending. Neutral shimmers act like a gradient, slowly fading from one color to the next. If you are feeling daring, add some cheetah spots to the corners.

I have always been kind of terrible at doing eye makeup. I try doing it like the tutorials say, but in the end, I just end up taking a big brush and swiping a bronze shadow across my entire lid. In the iFashion video, Marc Jacobs says the first feature he notices is a “good eye makeup.”

A picture of Marc bc he is so gorgeous.  Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton
A picture of Marc bc he is so gorgeous.
Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

I’ll have to watch some Michelle Phan videos for some inspiration and guidance… The one below is about bright eyeshadow, which is just my luck 🙂 Michelle says not to put the bright colors directly on the lids. This makes for a more wearable look.

3. Lipstick remains an indispensable tool. 

Photo Credit: Loxa Beauty


As you guys know, I love lipstick, and I absolutely agree with iFashion. Lipstick adds “finishing touches to a look.” Different shades are essential to “completing a complexion.”

iFashion recommends trying a splash of orange or bright pink. I usually go for different shades of red or pink but never orange. That is something I have to try.

4. Gold in sequins, powders, eye shadow, even hair accessories” 

All gold everything. That’s a little saying me and my friends have. I like silver and copper too, but gold definitely has that touch of royalty. I am all in for this trend.

Cwaux (blogspot)

Oh Kesha… My director for Macbeth was inspired by her love for glitter, so the entire cast had glitter in their hair sealed in with hairspray and glitter on our faces sealed in with aloe.

Me as Witch 2 >,<

Anyway what I am trying to say is I am perfectly comfortable with throwing glitter all over my person. But the look I am wearing above is definitely stage makeup. I had to walk home like this one day, and I got the funniest looks.

To make this look more casual, I would just leave it on my eye area. The best thing about glitter is that it is pretty cheap. You can just buy the school supply stuff and use aloe to make it stick.

5. Natural Beauty a firm favorite, especially in summer. 


Summer is a time to relish in your natural beauty. Ease up on the makeup products and load up on the face care products: lotions, masks, washes, etc. Take care of yourself! The sun can drain the skin like no other.

Take a cue from Drake and do some chillin with no makeup on.

If you feel too naked without a little bit of something, just put on some BB cream and a swipe of mascara.

*BB Cream is heaven sent. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. It does so many things and you can spread it on with your fingers. I use Maybelline’s in Medium.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.33.23 PM


So I am on board with 3 of the 5 trends. I haven’t dismissed the whole bright eyeshadow thing, but it’s just never been my thing. With practice and experimentation, I think I can get into it. Just remember when you are trying these trends to focus on one element. If you make your eyes pop, wear a more nude lipstick and vice versa. Also keep in mind your outfit when wearing bright eyeshadow. A bright blue shirt with blue eyeshadow would be overkill. Instead pair it with a nice faded yellow blouse.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!



Daisy Dai

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