Overalls Were Never Over

Hello my field daisies!


Crop Top: H&M 

Overalls: H&M 

Shoes: Gianni Bini

Jewelry: Handmade by a super awesome street vendor at Berkeley (right hand)

 IMG_0557 copy

I never thought overalls would ever be in style. Of course some might say they never were out of style. I remember fondly owning a pair of these suckers in my childhood. The rings on my right hand were made by a kind and talented street vendor. I wear these pieces religiously because they match so well with all of my outfits. I do wish I remembered his name… Jeff maybe? I’ll have to go down Telegraph Ave and see him again. He gave me one of the rings for free, just because.


Without the whiskers and nose, the eyes on my shirt look pretty menacing. But in actuality the cat face on this crop top is pretty adorable.

IMG_0547 copy

Now usually I am all about practical pieces, but overalls are sort of a hassle. There is a reason why primarily children wear them. It’s a bit of a two person job to get them on just right. When you try putting them on yourselves, the back straps usually get tangled. Maybe that’s the reason why some people wear them without the straps up.

My remedy for this is buying overalls oversized. This way I can already have the straps hooked and just throw them over my shoulders.

*But if you do this, make sure you have a belt, or else your shorts will ride up leaving your cheeks exposed. I learned this the hard way.

IMG_0540 copy

I am a sucker for some cool kicks. I am so glad oxfords are now becoming a unisex item. They bring class to any outfit you wear, even if they are some podunk overalls. These oxfords are embellished with some small, circular silver studs, making them slightly feminine.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!




Daisy Dai

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