Why Iggy Azalea is the Realest


Hello my field daisies!

Iggy Azalea has recently released her debut album, The New Classic, and the more I listen to it, the more I dig Iggy and her persona. My friends and I jammed to her single, Work, so much it became our mantra. Here are some reasons why I think Iggy is the realest.

1. Her beats are sick. 


T.I helped produce The New Classic, and you can hear his influence in the instrumentals of this album. Her beats go so hard, and that’s what makes her songs so addicting. But don’t be fooled. Iggy says the beats were creatively her own. They are perfect for working out or getting the party started. I feel pumped just talking about them. I think my favorite song on the album is Black Widow ft. Rita Ora, mostly because the best is so sick.


2. Her lyrics exude confidence. 

Iggy raps with a bit of a Southern drawl, which might be why I love her so much since I’m from Alabama. She may be Australian, but she came to the US when she was 16, with no money, no family in the middle of Miami. Her toughness is so inspiring and I am drawn to her confident lyrics. My favorite by far is from her song Lady Patra:

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.08.43 PM

3. Her style is impeccable. 

03.31.14_SUMMER_14_IGGY-1112-600x763 03.31.14_SUMMER_14_IGGY-0987-600x763

Iggy’s fashion sense is on point, reminding me of a modern retro, complete with body hugging numbers, geometric cutouts and interesting prints. The pictures above are from her collaboration with Revolve. She actually started out her career as a model, and I’m not surprised. Her lyrics can testify to style,

“No Michael Kors just Tom Ford
Saint Tropez, I’m like bonjour
In Spain wearing that Balmain
Lanvin, Givenchy”

-100 ft. Watch the Duck


Here are two interviews of Iggy with 105.1 Breakfast Club. One was done in 2013 and another was done in 2014. You can see the transition of her life, and how far she has come. A new addition to her life is her new beau, Nick Young, who’s guard and small forward for the L.A. Lakers.


All in all, Iggy Azalea is one tough lady, dominating the top charts and taking the music and fashion world by storm. She collaborates with a variety of artists, from Problem to Ariana Grande. Iggy has her own one-of-a-kind style, and she is working it, strutting it and owning it.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!



Daisy Dai

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