SnapChat Replaces Texting

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Snapchat has become the new form of texting. At least that’s the case for me and my friends. Sending snaps is a great way to keep in touch without all the hassle of texting. Yes I said it! Texting can be a hassle sometimes. Say for instance you want to know how a friend is doing. Instead of sending the standard “Hey what’s up?” “Nothing much how about you?” now you can snap them what you’re doing (new episode of New Girl!), and they’ll snap you back what they’re doing (Awesome! Just eating dinner!). But it’s not just for mundane events. I use SnapChat to send my friends back in Alabama cool events that are happening at Berkeley such as male acapella groups on Sproul or a random street performer in San Francisco. Snapchat is giving your friends a snippet of your life, whether it be the everyday or the extraordinary. And the beauty of SnapChat is its decaying nature. Whenever I get video snaps, I always make sure I have headphones in or I’m in a quiet place because I know I am only going to hear this message once. The brevity of the snaps is what makes the app so socially addicting.

But of course there are loopholes to the app, the main one being you can screenshot whatever the person is sending you. And this of course leads to twitter accounts such as @LeakSnapChats or @leaked_snapchat where people send in pics of their received snaps. Even the official @SnapChat twitter handle has snap tweets, which makes me question the loophole-ness of the situation. Maybe part of the addiction comes from an instinct deep within us that says we have to beat the timer. When you hold your thumb down to view a snap, you don’t know if the video/image is going to 1 sec of 10 secs long. It’s all very spontaneous and random and exciting.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.33.57 PM


My favorite loophole is demonstrated by MaxNoSleeves, which is basically just take your camera and take a picture/video of your phone. Duh!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.39.25 PM




In his video, Max talks about how SnapChat is just for sending nude pictures, and he makes a hilarious parody vlog video about this subject. I tend to disagree with SnapChat being solely used for porno purposes. Social network sites and apps are not so much about the actual interface or application, it is about the people  you connect with. So while some may use SnapChat for dirty reasons, the majority of us use it for fun, communicative and social reasons.

There are many hidden features to SnapChat, including font size, filters and even a replay function. All this hype about SnapChat makes me relish in the fact that Evan Spiegel turned down Facebook’s offer of THREE BILLION dollars to buy the app. Smart choice Evan. You might have just created the new form of instant communication. And there is also potential for advertisers as Taco Bell has shown with introducing its new Doritos Loco Taco in a SnapChat movie filmed on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet (click here to read about the BTS). Unfortunately I couldn’t find any record of the video on the internet. It had a 24 hour time limit.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!









Daisy Dai

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