Clarion Alley

Hello my field daisies!

Want to check out some art for free? Introducing Clarion Alley, a little alleyway in San Francisco, just a few minutes away from the 16th Street/Mission Bart Station. I’ve been to this place twice, once last fall and once this past weekend. The second time around I swear the place looked completely different, but that might just be due to my faulty memory. Of course, some of the murals did change, and that is the beauty of Clarion Alley. It is not like a museum where the works of art are static. Here, the same canvas can be used to create new pieces, and all the pieces are connected to form art that is always evolving.


I encourage anyone who has been to go again, maybe even take someone new. There is so much artwork that each time you go, you see something new. Doing things again might seem redundant, but I promise you it’ll be a different experience.


Why is graffiti art so captivating? Is it because in most places, spray painting buildings is illegal and that forbidden fruit tastes so much sweeter? But there are rules for a reason, and one wouldn’t consider a boy spray painting “you suck” on the side of the police department a work of art. The debate of graffiti as art versus vandalism is highly controversial, each side with a strong viewpoint.


Anyone can destroy. It takes courage and heart to truly create. Please like Clarion  Alley Mural Project on Facebook to get the latest updates about murals in progress, and if you have a chance, I highly recommend seeing it in person. 

This little video I made will give you taste of what it’s like to walk down Clarion Alley.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

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Daisy Dai

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