Ed Sheeran Makes Me Sing



Hello my field daisies!

So I have a bit of a crush on Ed Sheeran. There’s just something about talent that I find extremely attractive. And hey apparently he likes girls with blogs, so maybe I have a chance? 🙂



Haha I made this two years ago. Though my tumblr url has changed,  the offer still stands Ed!

Anyway today Ed Sheeran released his new single, “Sing,” featuring the Happy man, Pharrell Williams.  Overall the song has a new upbeat sound, with lots of melodic layers and energetic beats. A sprinkle of synthesizer notes, electric guitar and drum beats are added to his acoustic guitar, and it’s super addicting. The lyrics are tantalizing, with talks of rushing feelings, holding bodies close, and kissing on couches. People are comparing it to Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You,” but I feel like Ed’s material is one of a kind.

His voice alone is unique. Ed Sheeran’s voice can be broken down into three flavors: sultry, rap or falsetto. You hear a little bit of each in Sing. JT kind of has a similar voice breakdown, but their two styles just don’t sound the same. JT’s has a player vibe, enticing women with dance moves. Ed is much sweeter, enticing you with his British accent and bashful smile.


Sing is arranged in such a way that invites audience participation, asking them to sing louder and if they can feel the beat. I can just imagine him preforming this live, asking the audience to sing the oh wah oh wah oh parts and incorporating their voices into the song with his loop pedal.

*Edit on May 6th, 2014*  Check out what Sing sounds like with live audience participation 🙂 Click here!

Ed Sheeran is so great live. I’ve never personally been to one of his concerts, but I’ve watched all his live performances on YouTube. My favorite is his iTunes performance. The way he interacts with the audience makes me wish I was there. I have been complying a YouTube playlist of some of his performances, and I’ve put it below.

Sing’s refreshing new tone makes me so excited for Ed’s new album ‘x’ that’s coming out June 23rd. He hasn’t released an album in three years! Summer can’t get here fast enough.

Jacksgap did a little Q and A with Ed about Sing, and you can watch it here:

In the interview, Ed talks about feeling like for the past month, he’s been pulling back a catapult, and it’s just let go with the release of Sing. I think that’s a pretty fitting description. Especially since he’s going to be preforming on SNL this Saturday (April 12th).

This song is about to blow up, and I can’t wait until it’s on the radio 24/7.


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!




Daisy Dai

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