Color Me Lilac

Hello my field daisies!

So this lovely shade of light purple has been on my mind lately… What can I say? I am head over heels for lilac. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I feel like this love affair needs to be made public.


Now I’ve dyed my hair before, so I know the hardships of taking care of it. Roots start showing within a couple of weeks, and if you do it out of the box like I did, then your hair can be left weak and straw like.


I didn’t do my whole head, just a streak and the tips, but because I used two boxes of platinum blonde hair dye on just those areas, my hair got really damaged. It hurt to even comb my hair! I don’t regret it though because it turned out pretty cool. But after I dyed it back black, I vowed to never dye my hair again! I guess I am going back on my vow by indulging in this violet fantasy, but at least if I dyed my hair this time I would be smart about it. Firstly I would definitely bleach my hair before adding lilac and secondly I would make sure a professional was handling it.

*No offense Michaela you did a wonderful job* xoxo


Celebrities like Perrie Edwards seem to pull off this look flawlessly. She pairs it nicely with a flower crown, white heels, bejeweled clutch, and a light violet mini dress. Mmmm. pair. Perrie. pear. I do like puns.


And who could forget when Niall Horan dyed his hair lilac for 1D Day? Of course this picture is a bit of a misconception because it didn’t turn out as purple when he washed it out.


Tyler Oakley is another example of boy who would pull off lilac, but if talk about him, we have to talk about the devastatingly handsome 16 year old Brit who gave it to him: Bertie Gilbert


If you want to get a bit of a step by step of how to do lilac, you can watch the video of the dying process here.

Haha though I use the term ‘step by step’ very loosely because they’re just kind of winging it.


I don’t plan on dying my hair anytime soon, but it’s still lovely to day dream about it. I’ll probably start incorporating lilac in other ways first like jewelry or eye shadow and work my way up from there.

That’s it for today guys!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish (with a twist of lilac) day  🙂

Daisy Dai

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