Hello my field daisies! Hope ya’ll are doing well!


Time for a little Berkeley school history! One of our iconic landmarks is the Sather Tower. It was given to us by the couple Peder and Jane Sather. Now this is no ordinary clock tower. It not only chimes every hour, it sometimes plays little melodies. With 64 bells, the melodies can be quite complex and hauntingly beautiful.

IMG_0363 copy

This gate was also given to us by the Sathers. Jane built it in honor of her deceased husband, which is a very sweet gesture. Rest in peace  Peder and Jane Sather. Thanks for the gate!


Now let’s dissect my outfit. My shirt is actually from the men’s department of Banana Republic. I cut the collar to make it wider and looser. I love how it’s socially acceptable for girls to wear guys’ clothes. Their clothes are just way more comfortable. Women fashion is also starting to sell clothes that mimic men’s style such as boyfriend jeans.

Haha now I stole this shirt from my brother. Hopefully he won’t notice. Good thing he never reads my blogs 😉

I talked about my Charlotte Russe mini backpack in my last blog post, but I am going to rave about it again!

This thing is the bomb.com. (do people still use that phrase?…)

Anyway mini backpacks are way better than purses. They are hands free, shifting the weight from one shoulder to your entire back. I feel like you can also fit more things into these things. Not to downgrade purses. But I think every girl should consider buying a mini backpack. It’s a good investment.



DSCN6042 copy

My jacket is super old. I want to say I got it like in the eighth grade. I bought this military style jacket from Aeropostale. Haha do you guys remember when Aeropostale used to be the place to shop? Everyone always wore logo shirts and sweats from this place and American Eagle, and Abercombie. I always remember the order of “cool” was:

1. Abercombie and Fitch

2. American Eagle

3. Aeropostale.

Anyway I don’t really shop at Aeropostale anymore. I find their style kind of kidish. But this jacket is so cool; I had to take it to Berkeley for old times sake!


The inside is so cute, with little light and dark blue daisies! 🙂 The material is very stiff, perfect to block out gusts of wind.

IMG_0369 copy

So the only piercings i have on my body are my ears. I don’t plan on getting any more either. Needles just freak me the fuck out. I have to close my eyes even when I get shots. Shots aren’t even that painful. I just don’t like the idea of needles going inside of me.

(Do you guys remember that old trick when you pretend lead pencils were needles, and you click out the lead till it’s really long, then you stick it in your arm holding the eraser, so it looks like the lead is going inside of you? Uh maybe that was just me and my weird friends…)

Haha ANYWAYS I got both of these pierces done at the same time, which might be why I don’t want to get any more piercings. I remember how excruciating it was to get these things done.

But yeah do you like my fake gauges? I both them at a local art fair back at Auburn. Man I miss the South! My diamonds are also fake. They are from my highschool colorguard days. Costume jewelry is just so fun! You get the style without the worry. If I lose these things I wouldn’t freak out. I think I got that mindset from my mom. She doesn’t own any expensive jewelry. Not to say I wouldn’t take some precious jewels. (hint to al the men out there!)

IMG_0373 copy

My red bling ring is also fake. I love the design of this ring. My necklace was a purchase from Forever 21. Their jewelry is so cute, chic and cheap! I got this thing for like 4 dollars. Always check out their jewelry section. They have good stuff.

IMG_0379 copy

My cool legging pants are also from Forever 21. The pattern kind of looks like the skin of a snake, which I guess is a weird relation… Haha I love these things because they have a zipper on the bottom, which is convenient and cute. My shoes are from Topshop. Because of the shiny rubber material, they are the perfect rain boots!  This British brand is so awesome, and I am so glad they have come to America. Now only big cities have Topshop, but still it’s a start!

I feel like America is getting a British invasion. Think about music: One Direction, Cher Llloyd, Conor Maynard, Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran, Adele, etc.. I am pretty sure there are more I am not thinking of. There are also some pretty awesome British YouTubers: Jacksgap, DanisnotonFire, AmazingPhil, Bertiebertg, Dicasp, BingRadio, Itswaypastmybedtime, Charlieisocoollike, Zoella, etc just to name a few.


I know I’ve written a lot today, but I’ve missed blogging! So just bear with me and my long posts!

Since I’ve kind of bounced from topic to topic, I don’t really know what to title this post… I am just going to name it after Lorde’s new album, Pure Heroine. Everyone should check it out! It is SO GOOD!


That’s it for today!


Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!


Daisy Dai

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