Appearing Endless

Hello my field daisies!

This weekend was another heat spell..

To cool off, I decided to take a trip to Berkeley Pier! Now this place has been my desktop background for a while, and it was so neat to finally see it in person.

S1010129 copy

Now this is no ordinary pier. It goes on forever…


Haha just kidding. There is an end, and quite an abrupt one. There is no scenic platform waiting for you. The pier literally just stops.


Past the graffitied boards there is another pier, a neglected and ominous one.


This abandoned pier has been my desktop background for ages. I never knew that it was actually real. I thought someone had photoshop fixed the real pier to make it look old and abandoned. It was such a mind clicking experience to see my computer screen in 3D right before my eyes.

Wouldn’t it be cool if this pier and the real pier were connected, and the pier extended out to touch San Francisco’s bay?

Just a thought. Someone should work on that.


Sorry got side tracked, let’s go back to clothes 🙂

S1010182 copy

Lace isn’t just for frills anymore! I am loving how lace tops have been on the scene these days. I saw lots of people wearing a lace top similar (or practically identical) to mine at Lollapalooza. The brand is Double Zero , a brand that not many people know, but definitely should check out. It’s a whole sale company; so unless you want lace tops in S, M and L, I would suggest looking for this brand at local boutiques. I can’t remember where I got this top. I feel like I’ve had it forever.

S1010154 copy

Since this lace top is kind of see through, I paired it a beige colored bandeau from American Eagle. This thing should really be called a bra; it gives me so much support! I’ve won it solo in my post, ‘Conquering the Cursed White Pants.

S1010157 copy

Oh and let’s not forget about my bag! I got this thing a long time ago from Charlotte Russe, and I’ve decided to bring it back! Mini backpacks are the best. They hold way more than meets eye. They are like the black holes of bags. I fit a water bottle, my headphones, my iPod, my iPad, my camera, and my phone in here, and the bag still feels light as a feather!

(well not a feather, but definitely lighter than I thought it would be)

This thing is definitely going to come in handy as I am trekking the Berkeley streets.

(seriously I do so much walking here)

S1010105 copy

My necklace is a vintage favorite of mine. I say vintage because this was one of the first necklaces I’ve ever owned, and I still have it! Most of the jewelry from my middle school days are too tacky to rehash.

I’ve made some improvisations to this necklace though, fixing it so the clasp is in the front to form sort of a double necklace.

S1010299 copy

That’s it for today! With the wind blowing at my back, I bid you farewell!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!
Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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