Girl With A Pearl

Hello my field daisies!

September is finally here. For me, that is the official starting point of fall fashion!

To start this new season with a bang, I’ve decided to dip my toes into the art world… 😉


Vermeer’s painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring, is in the States at the High Art Museum! The last time this work of art was in our country was 1996 in Washington D.C.


In honor of A Girl with a Pearl Earring’s Atlanta debut, I have decided to do an outfit inspired by the outfit Vermeer chose for his model. The head piece she is wearing wasn’t the usual garb worn in 1600s, meaning this painting can stand the test of time; it’s in its own little universe, a world where girls tie up their hair with blue and yellow cloth.


My up do is done a little differently. I didn’t want to completely cover my hair with a towel. That would look slightly silly.

Instead I went for the headband look. Fabric headbands are coming back in style! I’ve seen many girls this summer pulling their hair back with bandanas. I’ve decided to take Rosie the Riveter’s look and make it fall classy.


Instead of cotton I used a polyester fabric. Polyester is that shiny stuff that feels smooth when you touch it, but when you rub it between your fingers it has that scratchy feeling. It’s a really light fabric, and shines like the rainbow fish under light.

Because polyester is very light (almost transparent), it  is also very flimsy. So I had to use a black cotton cloth as my base to secure my hair, and then put the polyester blue over it.

IMG_6740 copy

The look ended up looking way more elegant than I planned. Do you like my little sock bun? 🙂

I feel like every girl should learn how to do a sock bun. (If you don’t know how just YouTube it)

Basically you cut the toe end of some high knee socks, roll it, and put it in your ponytail. So yes. There is literally a sock in my bun. Surprisingly I don’t even notice the extra weight. Hair is some pretty hefty stuff! Take advantage of it.

Sock buns are a great way to make you look like spent hours on your hair when you’ve really just spent ten minutes.

I learned how to do a sock bun from my dear friend Carolyn. Thanks love ❤

Now that I’ve finished ranting about my hair, let’s talk clothes!!!

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures with the actual painting, so I decided to do a photo shoot around the museum.

Museums are the perfect place to do a photo shoot. Seriously the lighting is killer and there are so many fun backdrops to model with!

Firstly let’s discuss my top.

IMG_6700 copy

I wanted to make pearls a predominant feature of my outfit, so I chose a top with an elegant pearl collar.

IMG_6704 copy

The material is similar to my blue headband. I love the way the fabric drapes over my frame. It’s very loose and comfortable.

IMG_6702 copy

And don’t you just adore the back of my top?


But let’s not forget about my poncho-like cardigan! This look wouldn’t be fall ready without it.

IMG_6773 copy

The fabric is very thick, perfect for keeping me warm as the temperature starts to drop. I love the big buttons and the raised collar.

IMG_6716 copy

The knitted detail on the back is also quite lovely.


As for my shoes, I chose a pair of adorable kitten wedges because I knew I would be doing a lot of walking.

IMG_6673 copy

I wanted to make my outfit look less dressy and more modern so I paired it with a geometric patterned skirt.


All right I know this post had way too many pictures! But I had so many cool artistic shots that I wanted to show you guys!

IMG_6764 copy

This picture is my all time fav 🙂

IMG_6705 copy

Vermeer was a true fashionista at heart! He created a look that stands out, and it would have been an honor to be his model!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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