Music Zounds so Good

Hello my field daisies! So yes, I have been on a month long hiatus… My sincerest apologies! But hopefully my improved quality and content will make up for my absence. Since I am going to Lollapolooza this weekend, I thought it was fitting for me to do a “music-related” fashion post.

Today I am modeling my new Urbanears Plattan Headphones and its super cool feature, the Zoundplug. With the  Zoundplug, all you have to do is plug in a set of headphones or earbuds and your friend can enjoy the music you are listening to! How neat is that?

Young and Beautiful7

I needed a little help with my modeling today, and Mr. Elephant happily agreed to be my accomplice. Isn’t he just adorable? Sometimes I think he makes a better model than I do… That flawless pink fur and piercing black eyes…

But I digress.

Young and Beautiful 4

Mr. Elephant is modeling my old pair of headphones, the Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX Series in white. I got them for 15 dollars off of Amazon. If you have been an earbud person your whole life and want to try out headphones, I say get these. Headphones are just better than earbuds in every fashion, and you will notice the difference. These white Sony headphones are stylish and cheap! But after a year of religiously wearing them, they finally gave out. So then I began the quest of finding a new pair…

Young and Beautiful 5

Now I am a REALLY slow shopper. Like I have to do my research before buying a product. I just get this weird clammy feeling if I don’t. I knew I wanted to up my price range, and I was willing to pay 100 dollars or more. I didn’t want to get Beats headphones because I think all their designs look too manly or bulky.

For the longest time, I wanted to get Frends Taylor Gold headphones. I still believe they are the most fashionable pair of headphones, but at $199 I was really hesitant to click add to cart; especially since I could not find any good reviews on the sound quality.

I also thought about getting Aedle’s VK-1 Classic Edition headphones, but I didn’t have the $380 Raphael Lebas de Lacour and Baptiste Sancho (these fine ass French dudes seriously click their names and watch their video) wanted to charge.

Young and Beautiful 6

Finally I stumbled upon Urbanears Plattan Headphones. They cost $60, and the sound quality is off the chain. I only have my Sonys to compare them to, but I really believe Plattan headphones can compete with any of the $100 and up headphones. They are so noise canceling I’ve had to take them off on numerous occasions to hear what people are saying.

Music sounds amazing with these things! 

Haha and I truly mean that. I love a wide variety of music, and to show you guys I have made a playlist on Spotify.

Now this is the first playlist I have ever made on Spotify. I usually find this task so daunting.

I mean practically every song under the sun at your fingertips… That’s amazing.

If you guys have trouble starting a playlist on Spotify try this tip:

1. Get your iPod.

2. Put it on shuffle.

3. And go from there.

Haha yeah, that’s what I did, so sorry if the songs seem kind of random. Blame my iPod.

If you guys like the playlist, follow me on Spotify.

I currently have 0 followers. So yeah if I get like eh maybe 5?  I’ll start making playlists on a regular basis.

Young and Beautiful 8

Anyway just look at how stylish these headphones are! My only regret is that I was too afraid to stray from my “white comfort zone,” and bought the cream color. Urbanears have tons of colors to choose from (literally a rainbow. go check out their site.)! Why did I choose cream!? I wish I would have gone with Petrol…

Cream is not even in stock anymore! I went out of my way to buy the outdated color on Amazon. Yes they were only $40, but I feel so “last year.”

Anyway I guess whenever these things get worn out (which by the looks of it won’t be for a while), then I will stray away from boring vanilla…

On a brighter note, I am so glad headphones are coming back in style.

We are headed away from making everything small as can be.

Think about phones. We have gone from the Juke to the Galaxy Note.

(If you don’t know what the Juke is, google it. It was a really small phone.)

Watch. Soon record players will be on the market again.

Young an Beautiful 2

Oh shoot! I’m supposed to be a fashion blogger haha so let me give you a quick run down of my outfit.

This gorgeous seafoam green dress is from a company called Ark & Co. It’s a wholesale website, so yeah… you’re going to have to scout your local boutiques to find this brand. I got this dress for a steal ($30) because one of my downtown boutiques (Little Pink Room I think?) was closing, and they had a last day everything must go sale.

The cutouts on this dress are so unique, and I am in love with the gold buttons on the collar. The belt is also nice, and I’ll probably wear it with some other outfits. I love clothes that come with a belt. I feel like it’s a 2 for 1 deal.

My gold heels are Michael by Michael Kors. These were the first heels I ever bought! Haha I bought them for my freshman homecoming. They have lasted me a long time, and they are extremely comfy.

Girls! If you have never bought heels before buy some that zip up like these! Don’t go for stilettos that don’t give ankle support.

Alright guys I know I have written a lot, so I’m signing off!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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