Take Me There

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Hello my field daisies!

Today I am showcasing a tank top that I got at U&I (a small boutique in Auburn, AL). When I saw all my bucket list cities on this adorable (and soft!) striped tank I had to have it!

IMG_6647 copy

New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London…. Just… Take me there! ❤ ~.~ xoxo

Especially London. I have a soft spot for British accents 😉

IMG_6644 copy

I mean just look at the back of this thing! The cutout is so unique! It’s unlike any cutout I have seen because it is loose and draping on my lower back. Most cutout clothes are tight, but this cutout is cut so that it is hanging, not clinging.

IMG_6659 copy

Okay so you can’t tell from the first two pictures (excuse my poor modeling skills), but I am wearing studded shorts! Big punk studs on clothing is a pretty recent trend, so I had a bit of trouble finding a pair of shorts with studs on the front. I drove everywhere, but none of my local stores had them. That’s the sucky part about living in a suburban area like Auburn. Yes, the limited traffic is nice, but the clothing selection is very minimal. I cannot wait till I get out to Berkeley! I think I might have to do a little shopping (okay probably a lot of shopping).

Anyway I was just about to give up hope, but a Hot Topic sales associate saved the day! The guy was kind of intimidating with his gages and tattoos, but once I got to talking to him, he  was super friendly and helpful. Hot Topic doesn’t have studded shorts, but they do have studs and jean shorts. 1 + 1 = 2! The guy at the store even studded the jeans for me, saving me the labor. So I had my jeans personally studded. I always thought that was pretty neat. I also have some extra studs, but I can’t decide what to use them for… Any suggestions please comment below!

IMG_6655 copy

Okay so I know I wore these shoes in an earlier post, but these Steve Madden studded high top sneaks matched my outfit so well, I had to wear them again! Besides knowing how to re-wear shoes is an essential aspect of being fashion savvy. Fashion is all about knowing how to wear your closet and mixing and matching the hell out of your clothes.


Sorry I haven’t written in a while guys. I am sort of going through this blogger’s meltdown phase… I want to make my content the best it can be, and I know it can be better.

Anyway just be sympathetic to my delayed fashion posts.

I also want to try other forms of blogging besides fashion blogging… So my site might be changing pretty soon. I am not taking away my fashion posts, rather I want to add on to my site, make it more catered to my strengths and interests.

I also want to fangirl a bit over One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Teen Wolf, New Girl, DanisnotonFire, DailyGrace, WheezyWaiter… etc you get the idea 🙂

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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