A Turning Point

IMG_6435 copy

Hello my field daisies!

The day we did this shoot was really cloudy, muggy, and rainy. So we (Michaela and I) decided to take the pictures inside…

And this post is probably going to be my worst so far because (spoiler alert) there are only going to be 5 pictures and I am really not modeling the clothes at all…


I think the 2 photos above are the only ones where you can really see my whole outfit.

It’s really simple. Just a lace top over a strapless floral patterned dress and some tan gladiator sandals. I am surprised at how cute this outfit turned out because I really just threw it together last minute. It’s fun and summery and I wish I had more angles to show you just how cute this outfit really is! Angry face then sad face… >:{  :`(IMG_6436 copy

BUT to be honest, this is my favorite post I have done so far. Given the fact the photos were taken with poor indoor lighting, I was forced to actually edit my photos with Photoshop. In case you haven’t noticed, I suck at editing photos. What I usually do is randomly play around on iPhoto, or if I am really lazy, just go on pixlr.com and add a filter.

Not this time! I hope you can notice the time and effort I put into editing these pictures.. I mean I turned this:


Into this:


Is it any better? I really can’t tell. But hey you learn with practice! I am going to really try to edit my pictures from now on. Because I feel like as a fashion blogger that is something that I kind of need to learn how to do. I guess you could say this is a turning point in Daisyish Days?

Anyway I am totally rambling now and not talking about clothes at all, which is why this post is probably my worst.

(If this happens to be the first post you read of mine, please check out my other stuff! I promise I do talk about my clothes!)

IMG_6438 copy

I learned all my editing skills from this blog post. If you guys have any other ways to edit photos on Photoshop, please shoot them my way!

(especially how to edit outdoor photos since I mostly do my shoots outside)

Also please comment on my editing of these photos. I honestly can’t tell if I made them better.

(and I can take some pretty harsh constructive criticism so be honest!)

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading! (seriously if you read this I love you)

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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