A Blast from the Past


Hello my field daisies!

So I think it is pretty obvious that I am in love with the tribal print trend. The colorful geometric patterns just get me every time!

You can click here to see my tribal print shoes.

And you can click here to see my tribal print dress.


I am in love with this tribal print shirt that I got from a little boutique in ATL. The brand is Vintage Havana, and I have been DYING to get some more stuff from them.
This shirt is old (like maybe a year and half) but I still think it’s in style!  It is so soft and comfortable and cute!

I think the feather leather strings are my favorite parts 🙂


I paired this shirt with some plain black Tommy Hilfilger jean shorts that my friend, Cely, gave to me.


I also paired my shirt with some bad ass Arturo Chiang shoes.

Here is a front angle of my boots.


These ankle boots have a little heel, so it looks okay with some shorts and it gives my legs a little extra lift. I love the buckle design. The little triangle buckle is reminiscent of the triangle designs on my shirt.


Haha yes and I know in the picture above I am totally missing the plant that I am trying to water (smacks forehead) >.<


For my accessories I have my Esty watch and turtle ring I got from AE.


The diamonds on this little turtle’s back are pretty cool.


I like how the shirt is cut into fringes at the ends. So cute!

Photo credit goes to my dear friend Cely 😀


This is slightly ironic because she did a similar photo shoot with this shirt almost exactly a year ago.

Here are two pictures from that photo shoot:



My hair was so different back then! Haha I can’t believe I thought using blonde dye from the box was a good idea…

But thanks so much for taking these pics Cely! Maybe we’ll have to do this again next year! (Goodness if this thing is still in style I am going to write Vintage Havana a thank you note for designing a bomb ass shirt)

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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