LBD Accessorized 1


Hello my field daisies!

So today we are doing things a little differently. Michaela, who is usually being behind the camera, is taking her turn doing some modeling! 🙂


Everyone knows the LBD is the classic go to dress look. But what can be done to spice it up?


Accessories are always a good route to go when it comes to taking an outfit to a whole new level, especially when the outfit is something standard, like a little black dress. Belts are a good way to accentuate the waist and gives your dress a more shapely figure.


Michaela does a great job of spicing up her dress with an elephant belt and a cute ring. I love how the elephant belt is metal instead of a ropey texture. It looks like the little elephants are dancing around her waist!


And look! She has kick ass little elephant earrings to match 😀

Her gladiator sandals are the perfect finish to her outfit. They really compliment the bronze texture of her jewelry. I love the way the straps are designed.

And don’t you just love her little ankle bracelets?!

This is one classic outfit revamped! You work it girl!

Love ya’ll thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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