Rockin’ H&M


Hello my field daisies! So a couple weeks ago my brother and I went to Atlantic Station in ATL to watch The Great Gatsby.

The movie was phenomenal btw. Everyone should go see it!

Oh and Young and Beautiful is my new fav song. Lana Del Ray can get it.


Haha but I digress! Anyway while we were in Atlantic Station I HAD to stop at H&M

I absolutely love this store. It has the cutest high fashion clothes for a decent price. So I picked up this CUTE skirt and BAD ASS shirt and made a rockin’ outfit!


I have been dying to blog about this outfit, and I can’t wait to do it! I feel like such a star studded diva when I wear it 😛


I think the skirt is what makes me like this outfit so much.

The skirt on the hanger looked kind of skeptical, kind of too gothic, but when I put it on in the dressing room I saw its potential!

It is a nice deep grey purple color, a color that I don’t really have in my closet. The outside layer is also really sheer so it shows off my legs 😉

The lace work is also absolutely gorgeous. I think the bottom looks like upside down ice cream cones. >.<


The inside of the skirt is kind of short, but given the fact the outside layer is long, it doesn’t matter too much.


Mmmmmm sunshine 🙂


So I absolutely adore this shirt. It is the perfect top for high waisted shorts, long skirts, or anything that a shirt can be tucked into. If you can’t tell what the white things are they are monkeys. I think the upside down monkeys look like Dark Vader.


My earrings are little birds! These earrings are made of really thin metal so they are extremely light.


My shoes are just some plain black flats. The little blue bows are a nice touch.

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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