Conquering the Cursed White Pants


Hello my field daisies!

Now that Memorial Day (God bless those that serve our country)  has come to pass, it is time to wear white again! (And I couldn’t be more excited :D)

I’m thinkin’ white pants might make a comeback….


Now usually I cannot stand white pants. All my life, these suckers have made my life a living hell. I cannot tell you the countless times white pants have done me wrong.

Underwear is always seen (even if you try to go nude!).

And if they are too tight, panty lines are more prevalent than if you were wearing some skinny jeans.

White pants are also magnets for stains. I feel like whenever I wear them I am guaranteed to be more clumsy: falling on dirty grass, spilling red wine on myself, dumping my entire dinner on my lap… You get the idea.


But I have learned the trick to wearing white pants is to: FIND THE RIGHT PAIR! 🙂


These high waisted beauties were given to me by my dear friend Cely. They are PERFECT.

The bottoms are short enough that they don’t drag on the ground (making it less likely to drag in the dirt), and the fit is very loose and comfortable. The inside layer is made of some sort of silky material, which keeps my legs surprisingly cool (perfect for summer wearing!).


Whew! Now that my rant over white pants is done I can move on to the rest of my outfit!

This adorable little beige top is from American Eagle. It is pretty old though, so I don’t know if they still have this style. It is pretty much like a bra, giving me support, but it also covers a good bit of my mid section. I like to wear this top with anything high waisted. I even wore it as a bathing suit top when I was at the beach! It is pretty versatile, so it might pop up again in my future blog posts!


My necklace is an old vintage thing from my mom. I think it’s like a cooler version of a chocker necklace. I don’t really like chocker necklaces. They literally make me feel like I am chocking, and I always feel sort of pet-like when I am wearing them.

But that is not the case with this little beauty! Since the metal is thin and already preformed into a comfortable circle, it doesn’t feel like I am wearing a necklace at all! And the little white leaf charm is… well quite charming >.<  I also love how the white leaf correlates with my white pants.


My earrings are pretty intense today. I can’t for the life of me remember what brand my dangle earrings are (but I got them at Dillard’s if that helps). I love these earrings with a passion. I love the little feather charms at the end! And whoop whoop for triangles! 🙂

My faux gage earring was bought at a local art show. I also love these earrings with a passion. They are made out of wood, so they are extremely light. It is also fun to fool people into thinking I have gages 😛


Here is a view of my earrings on the other side.


And Lastly here are my shoes! AHHHH AREN’T THEY GORGEOUS?!

Since my outfit consists of pretty neutral colors, I wanted some shoes that stood out. And what better shoes to pick than these bombing Steve Madden wedges? I got them on sale at a little local boutique called Behind the Glass for $30!

Since these shoes lace up and cover my whole foot, they give awesome support. I love how they are peek a boo so you can see my toes. And don’t you just love the tribal print? 🙂


These shoes make me feel like an Amazon because they give me a good extra five inches. I always feel like such a model when I wear them ❤

That’s it for today!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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