Zigzag Swag


Hello my field daisies!

Summer is a time where outfits can be simple and easy. (Leave layering for the winter time!)


Today I have decided to keep it simple with a dress from American Eagle. I got this dress on sale for $30 dollars, which is a pretty decent steal for AE.

Though the zigzag markings make the dress look very intricate, it is actually REALLY comfortable to wear. I even went on a summer night walk in this dress, and it didn’t feel constraining at all. The material is almost like silk, making the dress really light and breezy.


P.S. I decided to use this dress after seeing a blog post called “Going Tribal” from frivolousfringe! Click here to check it out 🙂

The tribal or Aztec printing is a trend that has been on the scene lately. The vibrant colors and cool geometric patterns can make any outfit stand out. You could go small and just have one tribal print accessory (such as some bracelets) or one piece of tribal print clothing (such as some tribal shorts with a plain t-shirt on top). Or you could go the full nine yards like me and make tribal prints the dominant feature of your outfit. Just be careful when you mix and match different tribal prints because that can get kind of messy.



I absolutely adore the bold zipper and the little triangle cutouts.

The little triangle cutouts really compliment the triangle zigzag pattern of the dress. It really takes my outfit to a whole new level of edgy. The cutouts are also small enough so that I can wear a regular bra with complete confidence. If you are looking to try the cutout trend, start small like this and work your way up to the big cutouts that even special bra attention (such as a bandeau or sticky boobs).


Okay so I kind of just wanted to post this picture to highlight how pretty these flowers are! I feel like I am in a little tropical jungle! (though the pine needles on the bottom says otherwise)


These heels are my old high school prom shoes, but I still wear them all the time because they are so comfortable and so cute! These types of heels zip up in the back and give some serious ankle support. If you are new to heels get some like these! They are the perfect beginner heels.


I thought the swirly pattern would be a nice contrast to the sharp zigzag pattern of my dress. I also wanted a pretty neutral shoe since my dress is so bright.

That’s it for today, photo credits go to my friend Michaela. She did my last post called Biker Love if you want to check it out.

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!
Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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