Dead Or Alive


Hello my field daisies! Let me start off by saying these pictures might be a little different from what I usually post. Photo credit goes to my friend Amanda! Hopefully she will take more of my pictures in the future; she has some great talent!

Don’t you like this first picture? I know I am not the focus, but the background is so cool I had to use it! I think the twinkle lights add a nice romantic touch.

(You have a beautiful backyard Michaela and Amanda!) 🙂


So these high waisted red shorts are from my Forever 21 haul. If you want to see what else I got from F21 click here.

I am absolutely in love with these shorts! The problem with high waisted shorts is that sometimes they come up too high so you have a terrible wedgie and half your ass is hanging out.


This is not the case with these shorts. They long enough to give you proper coverage and if they are too long you can always cuff them. If they are too loose you could always wear a belt like me. These red shorts are made of a stiff kind of fabric (kind of like khakis) and they are fitted at the waist so they don’t ride up.They have a hidden side zipper so you don’t have to worry about that weird front zipper crinkle.

If you want a pair of these shorts click here. They come in a ton of different colors, but I liked red the most. I don’t own very many red pieces so the items I have really add a pop of sexy to my outfits.


So I absolutely adore my shirt. I got it a while ago at Kohl’s, and it has been my go-to shirt whenever I need to throw on something cute quick.


The front of this shirt has a neat graphic design.

I like how the lens of one of the sunglasses says “Dead Or Alive?”

I wish you guys could see the whole shirt but half of it is tucked in. If I get enough demand I will post a picture of the rest of the shirt.


The sleeves of this shirt is what really makes me love it. It’s a play on the open shoulder shirt. Instead of having gaping holes where the sleeves should be, this shirt turns the whole sleeve into an intricate netted pattern. The squares are raised and bumpy giving a textured quality. The strings that connect the squares are very thin and faint so they really make the sleeves look like a net.


This shirt also has a really stretched out neck, so I can wear it like a one shouldered shirt.


Wide necked shirts are so cool to me. They make shirts so much sexier.

(If you want to read about where I got my watch click here.)


So do you like my shoes? They are borrowed from my friend, Amanda. She is obsessed with all things cheetah print >.<


I think they make my legs look pretty fit! And they were super comfortable. I felt like I could walk for ages in these heels!


My earrings are also borrowed from Amanda. I think her Grandma gave them to her. I love the bronze accent in the middle of this gorgeous gold dangle earring.

(Oh and look how nice my curls look in this picture!)

Haha well that’s it for today, have a great Monday guys!

Love ya’ll and thanks for reading!

Hope you have a daisyish day!

Daisy Dai

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