Triangular Outer Space

Hello my field daisies!
Today I looked to the stars for my inspiration. All over Instagram there are pictures of galaxy leggings. So I too just HAD to have a pair. The Hot Topic in my area had one pair left so I snatched them up. They are on Hot Topic’s website right now for $12.38!
My jean jacket is also a new purchase. I got it at a local boutique called U&I. The material is not really stiff like real jeans; it is actually quite light, like cotton, so perfect for this hot Alabama weather! And since my pants are leggings and not jeans I could wear this jacket without over doing the denim.
My green tank top is a new one from Target. It was only $10! The material is also very light and could be worn casually or dressed up like I have it right now.
The top of the  jean jacket follows the crisscross pattern it has on the front so you can see that my tank top is a racerback. I love how it hints at my shoulders. So cute!
Alright so my mother was the one that took these pictures, and she hates when I put my hair up. Towards the end of our shoot she wanted to take a few pictures with my hair down.
Here you go darling, my messy ponytail hair!
In conclusion, I really love this outfit. It has a street chic vibe.
My accessories follow a gold and triangle theme. These earrings I got on sale at Target for like five dollars. I love how there are little spikes hanging from the bottom.
My triangle necklace is a purchase from Kinnucan’s, a southern specialty outfitters chain (where I work). I am absolutely infatuated with this necklace. It will definitely become a staple for my upcoming outfits.
I am also wearing a tiny diamond (not real!) necklace. I’ve had it for a while and thought it would look with my whole look.
My ring is my mom’s; I have no idea where she got it.
My watch is from This website has THE BEST vintage watches for a cheap price. This particular watch was only 17 dollars and was handmade from a talented Hong Kong lady. I wear this watch religiously. I practically never take it off.
I love how it has a little kitty charm >.<
My combat boots are a purchase that I made when I took a trip to ATL with my friends. Whenever I wear these things I always get lots of compliments. I love how the way it laces all the way up my ankles.
Love ya’ll thanks for reading!
Hope you have a daisyish day!
Daisy Dai

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