A Daisyish Kind of Fade

Hello my field daisies!
Today I have decided to go with a hippie-chic look. I love the way this dress fades from yellow to green. Gradient dresses seem to be all the rage these days, and it’s a treat to find one with awesome color changes. This yellow and green combo makes me feel like a true little daisy!
An interesting fact about this Nine West dress is that it is a size 14! That’s ten size bigger than what I normally wear. But with the belt that comes with it, the dress doesn’t look like it engulfs my figure. In fact, I actually like how big the dress is. I feel like I am wearing a big t-shirt or something.
This outfit is a perfect festival going outfit! And since it is summer, there is sure to be plenty of opportunities to listen to some good live music.
I absolutely adore the earrings I have on. They are little peacock feathers. I know it is kind of hard to see them, and I apologize for not getting a close up picture of them!
Headbands take me back to times of the 70s. I suppose that is why I call my outfit hippie-chic. Without the headband my outfit would be lacking. I guess you could say it’s the small details that make the outfit! I love how my headband matches my belt. Super cute!
My shoes are from Banana Republic. These ankle boots have a decent sized heel, which gives me a little more height. But they are also comfortable enough that I wouldn’t mind doing some walking in them. I usually only wear these boots when it’s cold, and it’s kind of nice to bring them out during the warmer months.
My purse was actually a free gift that I got when I subscribed for Teen Vogue. I know Teen Vogue seems like kind of a childish thing to subscribe to, but I love the articles in them! And I am a teen for a little while, so might as well enjoy it while I can!
I can’t exactly say where all my jewelry is from, my apologies! But I love the big multi colored ring on my middle finger. The rainbow-assorted dots really add a pop of color to my outfit. The bracelets on my hands match my purse, which is a good subtle color coordination. The small silver rings on my pinky finger and ring finger (beside the big multicolored ring) are actually toe rings. I have really small fingers, so it’s hard to find rings that fit my fingers. I have found that toe rings just so happen to be the perfect size!
It is also cool to point out how my dress has green shoulders which fades to a yellow dress. It’s easier to spot in this picture than the others.
Love ya’ll thanks for reading!
Hope you have a daisyish day!
Daisy Dai

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