High-Low and Bandeaus!

Hello my field daisies! 
My name is Daisy, and this is my first blog post! 
Here we go! 
The navy high low skirt and black and white bandeau that I have on is from the Forever 21 online store. It was my first experience buying clothes online, and I was very nervous if they would fit right! But I was very satisfied with my purchase, and *whew* thank goodness! Props to you Forever 21 for the cheap and cute clothing! 
So the trend of showing midriffs has resurfaced! I remember the days where showing the belly area was considered a bit taboo and dirty. In my opinion, I think midriffs are sexy in the right way. 
Just like shirts that have shoulder holes or dresses with back cutouts, the midriff concept is one that plays on the imagination. I think slight exposure of the skin is way sexier than full blown nudity. Always remember to leave room for the imagination! 
High low skirts also have a kind of modest sexyness about them. It’s like having the benefits of a long skirt (not having to sit in chairs on your bare ass because your skirt is so short) AND the benefits of a short skirt (the exposure of your sexy legs!). This is the first high-low skirt I have ever bought, and I am in love! I will have to buy more in an assortment of colors, but for now this solid navy color will have to suffice. 
Blue and yellow really compliment each other, so I thought this adorable little Nine West  cross body bag was the perfect purse for my outfit. 
(P.S. Thanks Mom for letting me borrow your bag! >.<) 
My accessories follow a sliver color scheme. I figured gold would look to standout-ish. 
The diamond ring on my index finger is from Kohl’s and the diamond ring on my middle finger is from Dillards. The owl ring and charm bracelet is from my good friend Amanda (Thank you girl! XOXO)
I absolutely love this long chain necklace. The top is intricately braided which unravels into different lengths of metal links. I got the thing at Kohl’s on sale! 
And yes last but not least, my shoes! These wedges are my new favorite! Or well I guess you could say an old new favorite. I bought them a couple years back at TJMaxx, but just found them in the back of my garage! I love how the ribbons lace up my ankles. I am definitely going to be wearing these a ton over the summer! 
Love ya’ll thanks for reading! 
Hope you have a daisyish day 🙂
Daisy Dai

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